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Why Hasn’t Hillary Clinton Denounced The Violent Anti-Trump Riots?

It’s been nearly a week since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, but the fires set by rioters protesting Trump’s victory still rage. These riots aren’t being orchestrated in cities that Trump won, nor are they being perpetrated by people who voted for his presidency.

Quite the opposite. The riots are happening in Portland, Los Angeles, and New York City, each of which voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

At some point, however, the Twitterati decided that it was Trump who either needed to be denounced or do some denouncing himself. At some point, the memo went out that all right-thinking people who of course voted for Hillary Clinton needed to call on Trump to denounce any and all violence going on in America. Because if the violent, anti-Trump protesters are going to listen to anyone, they’re obviously going to listen to Donald Trump. – READ MORE