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White House Savages Blumenthal; Leaks VIDEO of Senator Almost Getting Crushed By Train During Press Conference

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White House insiders by late Thursday circulated a TV news video of clumsy Connecticut U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal nearly getting run over by an Amtrak train during a press conference on of all things — train safety.

Hours after President Donald Trump savaged Sen. Blumenthal for lying about having served in military action during Vietnam, White House insiders circulated the video in a satirical correspondence asking if the bumbling Blumenthal looked like a war hero. Insiders said the video was making its rounds among White House staff and Republican insiders in the last 24 hours.






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  • OkeyDoke

    Ohhhhhhh, that’s too bad!!!! So close! We could’ve been rid of this lying puke. Damn!!!

  • TorchOnHigh

    Politicians so dumb no wonder they can’t run anything.

  • MrBinnacle

    You’d think that someone who served in Vietnam would know better.

  • Depluribus Unum

    Are you kidding me? No one THOUGHT to look up the times the trains were passing thru there? No wonder everything from our government sucks. This is the poster child of why government should stay out of our lives.