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EARLIER THIS YEAR, at the height of a very public battle between the FBI and Apple over whether the computer maker would help decrypt a mass murderer’s locked iPhone, it appeared that a little-known, 17-year-old Israeli firm named Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization might finally get its moment in the spotlight.

After weeks of insisting that only Apple could help the feds unlock the phone of San Bernardino killer Syed Rizwan Farook, the Justice Department suddenly revealed that a third party had provided a way to get into the device. Speculation swirled around the identity of that party until an Israeli newspaper reported it was Cellebrite. 

It turns out the company was not the third party that helped the FBI. A Cellebrite representative said as much during a panel discussion at a high-tech crimes conference in Minnesota this past April, according to a conference attendee who spoke with The Intercept. And sources who spoke with the Washington Post earlier this year also ruled out Cellebrite’s involvement, though Yossi Carmil, one of Cellebrite’s CEOs, declined to comment on the matter when asked by The Intercept. – READ MORE

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  • Deplorable Me

    In a country of over 320M people and we have NO ONE that can do this? Is the labor cheaper over there or is there another reason?

  • whatup

    No, America has one of the largest collection of hackers in the world, next to China and Russia.
    John Mcafee put it well.
    “They don’t have the personnel. And how could they? We’re talking people with purple Mohawks, face tattoos. They smoke weed all day long! Things that could keep them from working with the government. The FBI has become bureaucratic and bold, and virtually non-functional from a technological standpoint. Most computer security specialist will say that we’re 20 years behind the Chinese and the Russians in cyber security and cyber warfare.”

  • where freedom once lived

    Why didn’t the FBI ask the NSA for help. They claim they can turn a phone that is off, on, turn the camera on even if phone is off, etc.
    I even heard they have all of Hillary’s emails, etc.