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WHEELS COMING OFF: Wallace, Fox News First Big Media to Hammer Clinton Foundation for Pay-to-Pay Schemes

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That sweet sound you hear is the noise from the wheels starting to come off the main stream media’s protection racket of the Clinton Cartel Foundation.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace was the first major Big Media journalist to hammer the Cartel. Prompted by a damaging 12-page memo leaked by Wikileaks, Wallace excoriated the Clinton machine on national TV Thursday.

Not completely surprising. The memo released by Wikileaks will be hard for even fringe Clinton cheerleaders in the media to ignore.

Expect other journalists to fall into line behind Wallace. The breakthrough is good news for conservative factions who have been waiting years for this type of reporting. It could be the first domino to fall of many. We will have additional coverage on the details of the Clinton Foundation memo on Sunday. Stay tuned.


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  • Misspriss
  • Gary H

    Hammer fast, so many early voters now.

  • mapitnow10

    Already voted Trump — we’re good. How ’bout you?

  • Debunker007

    Vote Trump Trump Trump.
    Never give your vote to a person who is placed above the law by the corrupted institutions of this country.

    No accountability in public office affairs is equal to a banana republic.
    And the USA is not and should not be allowed to become one.

  • RR Littlesweet

    ME 2

  • Augen

    Waiting. . .don’t trust early voting. Too easy to rig.

  • Joel Bensonetti

    Been there, done that!

  • anpdr27

    WOW they actually spoke truth

  • mapitnow10

    That’s for sure. And Hilarity and her minions are doing their level best to do just that (turn us into a banana republic — guess that’s why she and Bill like Haiti so much).

  • Noble Gunnz

    I stuck my “I voted today” sticker on the wall. I’ll paint around it.