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WATCH: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer ABSOLUTELY RIPS APART Media Lies About Donald Trump

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer strongly defended the crowd size of President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Saturday, using his first official briefing as the administration’s spokesman to blast the media for what he called “deliberately false reporting.”

In his maiden voyage as the Trump adminstration’s chief press liaison, Spicer harangued the press corps for at least four of the five minutes he stood before them. Primarily, he took them to task on the number of spectators present at Inauguration Day.

“Yesterday at a time when our nation and the world watched the peaceful transition of power …some members of the media were engaged in deliberately false reporting,” he said. Spicer took issue with a tweet from a reporter, whom he did not name, who posted about the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. being removed from the Oval Office—something Spicer flatly denied. – READ MORE

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  • Oxco

    Kaboom!! Love it

  • Als2Cents

    no more nonsense from the press if they don’t want to be called out on it, named, shamed and credentials revoked.

  • Tucker Peterson

    The photo CNN tweeted of Jackie wearing a light blue suit at the 61 inaugural, and Melania was coping her was fake too. I looked up the suit and found the the suit Jackie wore was actually a camel color. Fake News

  • Carolina Berg

    He’s the administrations first hero

  • Steve Schone

    Are you people serious? Proof that True Pundit is GARBAGE. Read some reports from real media. Here, in case you need help:

  • huntress

    Hence, the reason Trump needs not allow msm to ANY white house meetings. Msm will self destruct in nano seconds without their fake news.

  • Halcy

    This guy lied to the American people about four seperate things in under five minutes.

    Truly, setting the precedent for this administration! MAGA and stuff.

  • Powerfully delivered philippic, well done.

  • Proud White Chick

    Are you serious? This election proved how biased & corrupt the main stream media is. How do you think our POTUS was elected? It sure as hell wasn’t from CNN, MSNBC, ABC or CBS. True Pundit & other independently owned news sources confirmed everything that we knew in our hearts, the truth about the grave danger our country was & still is in.
    Because of these people & President Trump we were given a chance to save this Country from the global elites & ultimately the distruction of America. Rather then listening to others you should research & seek out the truth on your own.

  • Halcy

    Are *YOU* serious?

    Trump got elected -because- of the media he so dearly loves to bash. He got endless coverage from all forms of media, mainstream or not. For example, he got miles more airtime during the Republican primaries and accordingly, tenfold more more post-debate media coverage.

    No one talked about any of the other candidates. Which is exactly what Trump wanted.

    Trump and his administration should be thanking the media. Any headlines are good headlines, and someone at the Trump team knows this well, and used it to full effect. I hesitate to think that the man himself could be that smart, however.

    You should perhaps do some research of your own.

  • Proud White Chick

    He’s a smart man, he knows how to get more for less. The media reported lies that ultimately put his supporters, whites and his own life in danger. I’m not going to debate you since we won & there’s not a damn thing you could do about it. You’re not worth my time. You’ll all see the truth soon enough.
    Over & out ✌

  • Daniel Burke

    Well said Proud White Chick!

    They can whine and bash and riot, but they lost. Trump won. And if they think they can carry on acting like this, they have another think coming. Obama may have been a leftist appeaser, but Trump is not.

  • Randolph Oberlin

    I like the take no prisoners approach especially as it applies to the media. These turds have been the propaganda agency for the Democrat/Commie party for way too long. The RINO’s would piss in their pants every time the media said a bad word about them. Now we have someone who knows how to play hardball. About time we have a President who stands up for America. This is going to be fun. I don’t want any reconciliation with the Commie bastards, I want retribution. Make them eat shit and die.

  • labman57

    Another Team Trump press conference, another episode of sheer pettiness and petulance, incessantly whining about how badly the news media treats Donnie.

    Seriously? That was the most pressing issue of the day for the new Trump Administration?

    The entire world did a face-palm.
    “WTF was that???”

  • Halcy

    He put *himself* in danger by spouting out hateful ignorant rhetoric. Worse, he puts this country in danger, even before he took office, which is pretty darn unprecedented indeed.

    People look to our leaders as examples not only for the people of the United States, but the world. And when they see someone badmouthing people just because they’re different or a minority, it’s going to be treated in turn. Radical Islamist attacks will be on the rise, due to the backlash of hate. Racial tenses will surge.

    He promises to repeal the ACA which employs hundreds of thousands of people through various state agencies that administer it, including myself. I have no idea if I’ll have a job in a year, thanks to mister BRING JOBS BACK TO ‘MERICA.

    If he goes through with his plans for a trade war with China, the prices for literally everything could sky rocket. Ordinary every day items will become so much more expensive, and he will pretty much singlehandedly gut the middleclass.

    But it’s okay right, because he and his rich billionaire buddies will give us low paying minimum wage jobs. AT LEAST WE’LL HAVE TERRIBLE FACTORY JOBS!

    Which we’ll die in slowly due to the fact that his replacement for the ACA will be controlled by big pharma and the healthcare giants, which do not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

    Please, wake up, and see what you’ve gotten yourself into. You’ve been scammed, just like the minority of the country that support him.

  • Common Sense

    No he did not. But please cite just one.

  • Common Sense

    Move to Saudi Arabia and you can have all you want dumbass. Are you just a scourge on society? Another drain who just wants more free handouts?

  • guest

    It’s not just an insult to Melania but also to Ralph Lauren an American Icon!

  • Robert Zraick

    This video cuts off too soon. Other longer ones show the dumbstruck press corpse (intentional) totally perplexed because he allowed no questions. It was pretty hilarious. Now what can the write about? All of the bad and dishonest reporting? The Presidents schedule? Hard to spin that. Or they could report that they were snubbed and why. No wonder they were dumb struck. There are a laughing stock now.