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WATCH: Texas Republican Calls Out Raucous Man At Town Hall, ‘You, Sir, Shut Up’

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A Texas Republican congressman told a town hall attendee to “shut up” Monday afternoon.

Congressman Joe Barton explained to the Frost town hall why he voted against federal legislation that focused on protecting women from violence.

He voted against the measure because it’s an issue for the states to deal with, Barton explained to those attending.


A couple of participants voiced their displeasure with his reasoning. Barton responded by pointing to one man and telling him “you sir, shut up.”

Chris Lewis, who says Barton pointed at him, said he wasn’t offended by the remark.

“I’ve heard worse. Passions were rising. Honestly, I was speaking out of turn,” Lewis said.

Barton said he reacted that way because Lewis’ outburst did not allow others to speak.
“Over the weekend in Frost, one gentlemen continued to speak over myself and many others who were seeking recognition in orderly fashion. I did, however, return to him for the last question of the meeting and allow him the opportunity to voice his concerns,” Barton said in a statement.


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