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WATCH: State Dept. Staff Blocks Andrea Mitchell From Questioning Tillerson

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Andrea Mitchell opened the 12:00 pm, EST hour on MSNBC Tuesday by playing footage of State Department staffers preventing her from asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson questions.


“That was only moments ago on the seventh floor of the State Department,” Mitchell told her audience. “Still no answers from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.”

Mitchell added the State Department is “taking a backseat on national security and is now facing massive budget cuts.”

“This afternoon I’ll be at the first State Department briefing, the first in six weeks since the inaugural,” she continued. “An absence of public diplomacy not seen since 1953 when Dwight Eisenhower was president, when this tradition started of speaking out from the platform here at the State Department to the rest of the world.”


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  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Think about it… Mitchell has zero credibility as a journalist! She has been in bed with Clinton 100% for the entire presidential elections and prior. She is totally biased and dishonest and is not a journalist, but what she is though is a puppet controlled by her media, Obama, Clinton/s, and liberals! She should not be allowed to even be in the White House or even near President Trump or anywhere near any cabinet member…

  • netboyrick

    She is married to the former chairman of the Fed. The Fed is the head of the snake of corruption that has ruined this country.

  • Sorwell1984

    Hahaha I loved it!

    Thanks and kudos to our State Department staff you rock!

  • Sierra

    Way to go!

  • 8675310

    No answers because you were told that there would be no questions allowed. But, being a Democrat, you are not to be bound by rules. That was wonderful to watch!

  • alvindawg

    need to kick that feaking twit out anyway. completely in the tank for demos and Clinton. So who cares what she says

  • Lion65

    Her questions don’t deserve an answer anyway.

  • Pat Heltke

    you spelled “twit” wrong

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    New State Department and homie don’t play your games, wife of TheFed guy, the biggest fraud done to American people. Say bye bye.