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Watch Sen. Elizabeth Warren Publicly Disgraced; Kicked Off U.S. Senate Floor for Racially-Charged Remarks (Video)

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Take a seat, Pocahontas. Sen. Elizabeth Warren publicly disgraced herself — a feat she achieves regularly — Tuesday night by using the words of Coretta Scott King to try and smear Sen. Jeff Sessions on the Senate floor.

Sessions is the nominee for Attorney General. Warren was rebuked in a rare fashion, even for blowhards in the U.S. Senate, literally removed from speaking after her warrant-less, racially-incendiary remarks.

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  • Doesn’t live up to the headline.

  • NDK

    Can we have done with incendiary headlines that fail to cover the content of the story? Perhaps elsewhere in Senator Warren’s remarks there may have been racially charged allegations, but not in what this video shows. I have difficulty distinguishing this story from click bait, and I’m getting tired of TruePundit’s penchant to play “gotcha.”

  • The Darker Side

    Thanks for not posting a 10 minute video clip. Most are smart enough to understand you just post the meat on here. If it’s too fast for others, there is always the NY Times.

  • Sierra

    Are you also upset by the ” gotcha” the media continue to about conservitive’s. Truepundit are not alone in this.

  • NDK

    Yes, I am, Sierra.

    By no means am I a fan of Senator Warren, or of the NYT. I agree with much of the criticism about the “fake news” aimed at smearing (mostly) Republicans. But if we are to “watch Sen. Warren publicly disgraced” for making racially-charged remarks (which the headline invites us to do), the reader/watcher should be allowed by this medium to reach the same verdict announced in the headline. Part of responsible journalism means enabling us, the end users, to adjudicate for ourselves (1) whether her comments were racially charged (rather than simply having to accept TruePundit’s verdict issued in the headline at face value), and (2) the reality (or lack thereof) of any “public disgrace.”

    Bottom line: TruePundit never tells us how/why her comments were “racially charged,” and therefore we are being invited simply to exult with TruePundit in her alleged public disgrace.

    Indeed, I am looking for more substance, rather than the fastest way to score against a perceived opponent.

  • Sierra

    I agree, you are Wright!
    Thank you for your thoughts.

  • NDK

    In today’s dust-up about Senator Warren’s Senate “disgrace,” I have read no conservative pundit who gave us the text of the letter of Mrs. Coretta Scott King. You can read that letter here:

    There is nothing—nothing at all—in the speech of Mrs. King that retracts, corrects, or modifies what she wrote in that letter.

    Contrary to the triumphant TruePundit headline here (, Mrs. King did not “thank” Mr. Sessions for the Rosa Parks Library and Museum, but in her opening remarks she merely acknowledged his presence, along with several other guests.

    Here, again, we have an example from TruePundit of headline-as-editorial. On this score—and mark well: I want the principles of freedom and justice to flourish in our land—TruePundit serves us no better than the NYT.

  • patriot

    waren is smoking to much loco baccy.