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WATCH: Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Hints at Trump Assassination

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In a new video Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said he dislikes the Trump administration, insisting that “nothing but negativity” has come from Washington since Trump’s election and hinted at assassination wondering if Trump was “going to be able to last four years.” – READ MORE

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  • jubadoobai

    So Russell Wilson is free to imply the assassination of the sitting POTUS, but Tom Brady dare not, absolutely dare not mention a word about Trump. No wonder the NFL is going nowhere.

  • Steve Milanesi

    He’ll last quite a while, Russell. Just like Brady has lasted longer than you will. And he has more rings to prove it.

  • OkeyDoke

    What a ba$turd!!! I live in Seattle, and I’m sick to death of this BS. I was a big Seachickens fan, but this AH has gone too far! What an SOB. Think I’ll send an email to that loser Pete Carrol.