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WATCH: Scott Baio Says Left Is Getting Violent Because They Can’t Believe They Lost

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During Inauguration Day in Washington, former “Happy Stars” star Scott Baio was accosted by a group of anarchist thugs who called him a fascist and reportedly lunged at him.

Speaking on Fox News early Sunday morning, the actor offered up a valid theory for why protesters at the inauguration had behaved so poorly.

“They are in the last throes of a dying party,” he said. “They don’t know what to do. They can’t believe that they lost so they’re getting violent. The ‘tolerant’ people are the most vicious, violent, intolerant people I’ve ever seen.” – READ MORE

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  • powerxq

    One thing for which we must commend the lunatic Democrats is that they, with their propaganda media, present an unbreakable and united front.

    Whereas, the Republicans, per usual, are split into twenty factions, already apologizing, explaining, reacting, doing their shoulda woulda coulda’s about the 90 day immigration rules.

  • Joan Liut

    That’s “Happy Days”.