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WATCH: Robby Mook Won’t Give a Straight Answer on Whether or Not Clinton Campaign Had Contact with Kremlin

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In an appearance on MSNBC Friday, former Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook dodged giving a straight answer on whether Clinton campaign officials had contact with the Russian government. – READ MORE

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  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Think about it… It’s time we bring Obama and Clinton back into the picture now, so we can bring up the corruption and criminal actions of both to be investigated! Obama and his (Watergate 2) instructions to intelligence services to monitor Trumps campaign activities including campaign staff; Obama and Clinton’s illegal uranium (weapons: used for nuclear bombs) sales to Russia (who may be selling it to Iran); Clinton/s pay-for-play involving money received in the Clinton Foundation (to include Chelsea and Bill Clinton) from Russia after the sale of uranium; and more… This is very serious actions taken by our government, but it was all silenced to protect, real, corruption…

  • ChicagoPatriot

    You did say more… but I think it’s important to also remind people of the pallets of cash Obama gave Iran, literally pallets of cash, hundreds of millions of dollars of untraceable cash!

  • whoisjohngalt58

    Clinton Crime Family Foundation SOLD 25% of US uranium mining interests to the efin’ russians. seeing little wuss Mook makes me wonder which bitch i pissed off in the 70s to spawn that little punk.

  • Darlene Krug-Savell

    Would the Panama Papers revealing Podesta/Russian ties to money schemes, or the Russian speaking fees to Bill Clinton or the Uranium One deal made with HRC or even the Russian/Canadian “mining” deals, etc. have ANYTHING to do with his “failure” to answer with transparency?