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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi not sure if ‘ironically is even a word’

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Speaking of Republicans supporting Paul Ryan’s Obamacare overhaul, Pelosi said, “Many of them, living in very red states and very red areas that voted for Donald Trump are people who benefited from the Affordable Care Act.

“So, ironically,” she said, before getting a puzzled look on her face and continuing, “I don’t know if ‘ironically’ is even a word…” – READ MORE

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  • Deserttrek

    send her to the glue factory and put us out of our misery

  • Whasupho

    Our Leadership!

  • 8675310

    I said before that she’s just a pull-string doll. Not an original thought in her head. I was wrong. A pull-string doll would know that word.