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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Blanks When Asked ‘Who Is The Leader Of The Democratic Party?’

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Anderson Cooper asked Nancy Pelosi a simple question Tuesday evening, which plunged the House Minority Leader into full-on spin mode.

“Who is the leader of the Democratic Party?”


“Well, President Obama was the president of the United States until just a matter of weeks ago. I don’t think that he can be dismissed as the leader of the Democratic Party,” the California Democrat answered. “Hillary Clinton did not win the election, but a respected leader.”

“We have leaders for all different aspects of it. The Democratic Party is a congressional party, and we have members in Congress. It is a gubernatorial party.”

“But on the state level,” Cooper interrupted. “It is a party which has suffered tremendous losses in the last couple of years under President Obama.”

“It has,” Pelosi conceded, “but we have a plan to address that.”


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  • Larua

    when you look up the word stupid in the dictionary – you will see Pelosi’s picture.
    she should know damn well that there is no Democratic Party, only Zionist liberal nutcases.
    Same goes for Republicans.
    they are all bought and paid for by Israhelli Zionist lobbyist and the Rothchilds.
    they have no brains of their own.

  • RedPillPlease

    If Pelosi’s brain was pure dynamite, there wouldn’t be enough explosive power to blow her nose.

  • lechevre

    Just more proof that excisive use of Botox affects brain cells.