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WATCH: Joy Behar Begs Dr. Phil to Diagnose Trump as a Narcissist Unfit to Be President

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On Thursday’s The View, host Joy Behar begged guest Dr. Phil to diagnose President Donald Trump with a mental disorder. As soon as he appeared at the table, Behar’s first question was if Trump had narcissism and if that made him “fit” to be President.

BEHAR: Therapists, a lot of respected psychologists out there, really big time really big names, are saying that Donald Trump is showing signs of narcissism. Which by the way, one of the symptoms is preoccupied with the fantasies of unlimited power, success and brilliance and they’re questioning that he has narcissistic disorder. Number one, do you think that’s a mental illness, narcissism, and if so is he fit to be president? [ Applause ] 

Dr. Phil didn’t take the bait in labeling Trump as a narcissist, but went through a list of common character traits of narcissists instead. Behar then gleefully “checked” off each one as reminiscent of Trump’s personality.

After that, Dr. Phil explained that many people shared these traits, even some seated “at this table. – READ MORE

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  • JenMary

    Glad Dr. Phil didn’t take the bate. Trump may be narcissistic but Joy Behar is a mean spirited, very unhappy, spiteful old B—-!!! Her and The Whoopster need to GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luke Vader

    I recognise Dr Phil but who’s the ugly old slag thats sitting next to him ?