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WATCH: CNN Still Trying To Scare The Pants Off Everyone–Tests Nuclear Bomb Siren

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CNN demonstrated a nuclear bomb siren in their latest attempt to fearmonger over North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.

CNN has repeatedly warned its viewers that they may have to hide out in bunkers if North Korea decides to strike the United States, leading their own legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin to comment on the scare tactics, telling them to tone it down.

The network has taken viewers into the bunkers at least three times since Tuesday and is now demonstrating the sirens, while estimating how many people would survive an attack.

Sara Sidner caught up with an emergency planner in Hawaii and asserted that they want viewers to know what the siren will sound like in case of attack (this particular siren is different from those used for natural disasters).

“They want people to know what the sound is and what to do when this sound goes off in the event there is actually a nuclear attack,” she said.

“I have it here for you, I’m going to play it for you off of my phone,” Sidner said before playing the siren.

Sidner played the siren for 15 seconds while awkwardly staring into the camera.


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