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WATCH: Ben Shapiro uses facts to skewer Linda Sarsour supporter who defends call for jihad against Trump

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(The Blaze) A panel between conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and a representative for the Council on American-Islamic Relations blew up Friday.

The discussion came on Fox News and centered around controversial comments that Shariah law advocate Linda Sarsour recently made, when she called on Americans to wage “jihad” against President Donald Trump. – READ MORE



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  • bilbo

    So much for Ben getting the last word! Real good moderating there, what’s your name.

  • MatFan

    These news anchors need a mute button on all guests. Otherwise, the show isn’t worth watching.

  • Fister

    Shapiro’s status as a NeverTrumper makes him almost irrelevant. Too bad. He coulda been a contenda.

  • Belle

    Nasty Muslim!! Then they wonder why we don’t want them here!!