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WATCH: B-52 Bomber Turns ISIS Controlled Building Into Glass And Scrap Metal

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We may never know what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

Thankfully — as evidenced by an unclassified video released of a coalition air strike taking place on March 10 outside of Mosul, Iraq — we do know what happens when a United States Air Force B-52 bomber opens up a can of whoop ass on a building full of ISIS fighters.



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  • Ron Walker

    I remember witnessing Arc Light strikes in ‘Nam….awesome and terrible.

  • RedPillPlease

    I seriously doubt this attack came from a B-52 as they were never designed for precision strikes. They are used primarily for carpet bombing missions which require a broad target area.

  • drew flemming

    They never learn from their past…its ‘nam all over again…
    Trying to kill flies with a sledge hammer….you do a lot of damage but never kill the flies.
    One has to wonder just who was in that building… Any Women? CHILDREN???????? and just what did that strike cost $$$????

  • Sorbe

    Perhaps you missed the entire Gulf War (20 year old tech now) and GPS guided 1m accurate precision munitions dropped from all bombers.

  • RedPillPlease

    20 years ago I was in my 40’s and watched much of CNN’s broadcast of the Gulf War. Much of my family has served in the military including myself so I’m not ignorant about our capabilities. If you had read my post, I said “I seriously doubt this attack came from a B-52″ because it costs quadruple the airtime and ground support to operate this aircraft in comparison to strike fighters especially being it was designed in the late 40’s as a heavy bomber and is very sluggish in maneuvering. This story builds the case for killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer. I stand by my post!

  • Bew

    Sissy. Live with it. You and your sissy pals lost. Elections have consequences, Libtard.