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IRONY: Washington Post Releases Video Instructing Readers How to Avoid Fake News

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(Washington Free Beacon) The Washington Post added a video to Facebook on Wednesday advising its readers on how to spot and avoid fake news on the internet.

The Post noted that sites like Twitter and Facebook are taking steps to identify and combat fake news. – READ MORE



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  • ancirnhao

    To avoid fake news, avoid the Washington Post. Simple. No video necessary.

  • 4godandcountry

    couldn’t have said it better..thanks.

  • Stephen Wheeler

    This whole push to define and block, or avoid “fake news” sounds like a wonderful new opportunity for a lot of expensive lawsuits! It is kind of reminiscent of Antivirus companies getting sued for treating some software as viruses and removing them. This lead to the terms Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs). The thing that made them not viruses was primarily the ability to uninstall them.
    So what happens when someone posts an opinion about something that then gets blocked because someone else deems it to be ‘fake news’? I will tell you … a lot of happy lawyers!