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Washington Post Editors Skeptical of Own Paper’s Story on Mueller Obstruction Investigation of Trump; Say It Was “Rushed and Hushed”

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Editorial hierarchy at The Washington Post have doubts about a story from their own newspaper published late Wednesday alleging Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.


The story never appeared on the morning and afternoon menu at news meetings held daily by the paper’s editors to decide on upcoming political stories for Thursday’s newshole. Instead, the heavily anonymous-sourced story simply appeared late Wednesday night already published, bypassing the once-mandated editorial process established to flush out poorly-sourced stories or stories with weak reader appeal.

“Came from the top, from Martin (Baron),” a former colleague at the Washington Post told True Pundit. “Wasn’t on the daily budget. Would have been major lead for front page Thursday but it was rushed and hushed.”

Another Post source and former colleague offered similar sentiment: “My recommendation would have been to push to Sunday but I wasn’t asked. Story like that would normally go out front (page one) Sunday and could set national agenda for the week.”

Editors said the story was likely written after the afternoon news meeting and kept quiet and was obviously “rushed out the door” in a small window of one to two hours, likely bypassing a review by the newspaper’s lawyers which could take a day in itself.

Baron is the editor of the embattled Washington Post and has proven a penchant for publishing anti-Trump news that is almost always proven fake either days, weeks or months after if sees ink in the Post.

The latest “scoop” appears not to be an exception.

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  • Freempg

    Just posted this link on Breitbart.

  • White_Russian

    And you brought me here lol.

  • I’m With Her

    Fake News!

  • Vee Eller


    Seriously, dudes, you call this an expose? Some moldy old former colleague of some former WaPo writer?

    I know you’ve heard this before in other contexts, but–is that all you’ve got? That’s IT? That lame, limp, flaccid little presentation is IT?

    BWAH HAH HAH HAH HA HA HA HA HA Ha hahahahaaaa! Pathetic.

  • Takiwa

    Me too ! Thanks.

  • Tesla_X


  • micah09

    What biased scumbags they are. They are not journalists; heck, they’re not even yellow journalists. They’re just partisan bomb throwing dogs. No wonder it’s derided as the Washington ComPost

  • yourmamatoo

    What is up with The Washington Compost now?

  • Sora

    There are three anon sources in this article decrying anonymous sources, haha.

  • WillB

    A lot of fake news on this site. Sad.

  • Like, With a Cloth?

    Not half as fake as you, loser. Get over it, punk.

  • Michael McDonald

    Time to start making Amazon suffer for this. I have been looking at Walmart at the same time that I shop on Amazon, and I often find better deals.

  • Catturd

    If you believe a WAPO story, pull
    My finger.

  • No One Important

    Because Martin has TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. The WaPo should remove him from his position at this point if he clearly doesn’t have the professional ability to recognize what may/may not be true. . .and costing the paper their reputation (even more so than it has already suffered)When you have someone who lacks correct professional judgement, you don’t give them the authority for “final say so.”

  • JDR855

    I was a year ahead of Marty Baron at Lehigh. He was a jerk of a kid then and apparently grew up to be a bigger jerk – and an incompetent one too. The Post should fire him asap and make some attempt to resurrect their reputation as a legitimate newspaper.

  • I’m A Cereal Killer

    If I were out of toilet paper, I still would not consider the WaPo a viable alternative.

  • I’m A Cereal Killer


  • I’m A Cereal Killer

    LMFAO!!! I had an older great aunt that did that to me, ONCE!

  • ajcb

    It’s the Post’s executive editor, Martin Baron, who was editor of the Boston Globe when it broke the infamous child-molestation case against the Catholic Church. Baron seems to have taken away from that case that Crusades-are-the-thing and plain vanilla reporting is for chumps. Because he has subordinated the Post to his hate crusade against any and every aspect of the Trump presidency, and made it into an unreadable parody of its former self. “Dying in Darkness,” indeed.

  • megajess

    Try Same as Amazon. Fast shipping, great prices. If you have pets, is the best place to go. Amazon was a hard habit to break for me. But filled the void.

  • megajess

    Carlos Slim’s Blog, fka The Washington Post is a complilation of a rich Latina man’s communistic rants. That’s all.

  • pcolabucfan

    Why did u say that he seems to be on the side of Trump?

  • pcolabucfan

    Or are you 1 of those PUNK LIBERALS Will

  • craigzimmerman12

    Just another hit piece.

  • yourmamatoo


  • ancirnhao

    Oh it’s far too late for that, I’m afraid.

  • JDR855

    Wishful thinking!!

  • psychorobotninja

    slim owns the NYT, bezos the CEO owns the WaPo

  • TheInfuriator

    It still makes an excellent cat-box liner.

  • hammerstamp

    A increasing trend with WaPo it would appear.

  • Libby Stack

    Haven’t shopped Amazon since the Bezos gun control tirade. Done with them. works for me just fine. Order $50 and get free shipping without joining any clubs. Sometimes they even drop it to $35. Selection of things may be more limited, but I’m not a shopaholic anymore, so that really doesn’t matter to me any more.

  • LibertyWriter

    I have stopped shopping at Amazon weeks ago. there are other sources.

  • LibertyWriter


  • WillB

    Yes, from this site.

  • megajess

    You’re right. I must’ve been sleeping that day!

  • ajcb

    And that’s it. “Cat Poo Dies In Darkness.”

  • Anthony Louis DeWitt

    It’s hard to decide if the Triumvarite of Fake News (NYT, WaPo, CNN) are trying to unseat MSNBC as the biggest purveyor of bullshit, or if the three of them get together once a week and decide which lies are the least likely to be provably false, and then go with them. My vote is for the latter. They look for stuff with a bad smell, sourced through innuendo, and that can’t immediately be proven to be false, and then they run a 6 point type retraction on the inside of the weekly TV section if they’re ever caught. It used to be that the press was reliable. Not so anymore.

  • SummerRayne

    All that means is that they have already seen the holes in the story and they’re backing down already.