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Warren stirs talk of 2020 White House run

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren is set to bolster her Senate resume next year, sparking early talk about a 2020 presidential bid.

The Massachusetts Democrat will join the Armed Services Committee in 2017, branching out beyond the tough-on-Wall Street message that made her a liberal favorite.   – READ MORE

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  • West_Coast

    Another white man wanting to run the country. Do her and Rachel Maddow have the same barber?

  • Patriot76

    Dest thing to happen for the Republicans having her run in 2020. By time the Democrats are through picking losers, they won’t have a seat left in either the Senate or the House.

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    She not black. Why does she think niggers and Jews will vote for her??

  • GSMO

    I think she is as dumb as they come. If she goes off script, she is a joke. She could never make it thru the Dem primaries without exposing herself as a joke.

  • harrydweeks

    Chief Bullshi#ski has already proven she’s a liar. Oh wait …. that is a prerequisite for the Demonrat Party candidates.

  • wowzie, look at those cheekbones…

  • RobietheCat

    Give it a rest for at least a couple years. We just got over this election.

    Time to govern not campaign.

  • Trailer Trash

    Just what we need. When was the last time we elected a fake Indian?

  • disqus_tL6Yoq3AYy

    Nope, her actual Indian name is Princess Walking Eagle. Why Walking Eagle? She’s so full of sh!t she can’t fly.

  • Jane Goodwin

    The Dems may never get over it. They really messed up and then there’s O-bama running crazy and getting himself in deeper trouble than he can get out of.. They destroyed their own party. Let ‘er run. She is a fake and everyone knows it.