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WAR ON THE STREETS OF PARIS: Armed migrants fight running battles in the French capital (Video)

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A MIGRANT turf war erupted into violence on the streets of one of Paris’ trendiest neighbourhoods early this morning as asylum seekers beat each other to a pulp with wooden clubs.

The area around Stalingrad Metro station was turned into a refugee battleground as rival gangs of migrants set upon each other in shocking scenes of violence.

Asylum seekers wearing hooded tops wielded makeshift clubs fashioned from lengths of wood which they used to bludgeon each other as horrified pedestrians looked on.  – READ MORE

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  • Slave 2none

    no ban on assault clubs????

  • Spirited!

    Coming to America!

  • Gbrandstetter

    They are all Democartic party voters, if not now then in the future

  • De Plorables Unum

    Lots of people will have some good target practice if that ever happened in the US

  • Chic Bizquick

    Hooray, Globalism!

  • Teebar TotemPlaster

    Perfect use of these illegals: beating the crap out of each other…