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WaPo Op-Ed: Trump Blocking Me on Twitter Is ‘What Dictators and Fascists Do’

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O’Reilly regaled how she loves to tweet at the president to vent about her feelings. “It takes about five minutes out of my day to reply, and it makes me feel better knowing that this narcissistic, egomaniacal, misogynistic, xenophobic nightmare of a POTUS can read how I feel about him,” she wrote.

That all changed when she was blocked by Trump in May. “This is an elected official trying to silence an entire sector of the dissenting populace,” O’Reilly argued. “This is what dictators and fascists do. This isn’t what we do here in America.”

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  • lostinnm

    She should get a dog if she wants a friend.

  • Fpm/USA

    smart move Trump; let these losers console themselves in the old fashion way; eat ice cream, visit a Shrink, pray, as “lostinnm” suggested, get a dog.

  • Fpm/USA

    your suggestion was so great, I had to use it. Thanks

  • The Machine

    Let this be a lesson to anyone with a nag in their life. Walk away, don’t engage, don’t acknowledge, just move forward. This person thinks they have some kind of inherant right to nag, this crazy person would be wrong.

  • huntress

    Someone tell this little cupcake to take a pill. As much as she thinks someone, anyone out there gives a rats azz about her morning ritual of Trump trashing, we could all tune into msm for hitlery replays of her screeching.

  • Narutojlin Song

    alpha wolf is good
    alpha dog is a bad pet
    beta dog is a good pet
    alpha male is Trump
    believe me girls like alpha male like Trump
    fake news is beta dog

  • Peggy Burgess

    This is what dictators and fascists do?? Someone tell O’Reilly, this is what normal people do when they choose not to be distracted by trashy sophomoric imbeciles who either cannot, or will not, grow up.

  • whendoesitstop

    More likely, she was blocked for rabidly attacking, and harassing other people on his posts. I once got blocked by a politician that I LIKED, because an internet bully was attacking their supporters. I defended the supporters being bullied, and was part of the mass blocking by whoever cleans up those messes for them.