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Vox Has An ‘Inauguration Day Emotion Tracker’

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(Daily Caller) It’s not often that I link to, but this is really, really special.

Soo Oh, Vox:

On Inauguration Day, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the president of the United States with the lowest approval rating for any incoming president in the modern era. So we want to know: How are you feeling about it?

Submit up to five emotions, and we’ll tell you the most common emotion other readers are feeling, as well as how many other people are feeling the way you do.

Because it’s 2017, and feelings are more important than facts.

The tracker asks you to submit the emotion you’re feeling right now:


You’re given over 100 choices, from “unhappy” and “sad” and “helpless” (dark pink), to “overwhelmed” and “scared” and “useless” (sort of a Trumpish orange) to “indifferent” and “tired” and “blasé” (beige). On and on, in all the colors of the rainbow. Finally, when you go down to the very bottom of the list, you can choose from emotions like “joyful” and “free” and “happy.”

Here’s what the resulting graph looks like, as of 11 AM:


So it’s not so much an emotion tracker as a schadenfreude generator.

Before I saw this, my emotional state was somewhere in the middle, one of the beige ones. “Indifferent” would be the closest one. But now I’m in the purple zone. I know it’s wrong, but watching these children grapple with emotions they’re not equipped to deal with… it’s great!

Hang in there, Vox. It was our turn for 8 years, and now it’s yours. Either you’ll learn how to deal with it, or you’ll keep on entertaining us.

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