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VIDEO: Yahoo News Admits Fake Headline Depicting Normal Trump Voter as “Angry White Man”; Readers Pounce on Yahoo

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Now the mainstream media is simply not even trying to hide its fake news. Instead, Yahoo is taking credit for depicting a rational, fairly well-tempered Donald Trump supporter as an unhinged “angry white man.”

What does Yahoo do when the victim balks? Brushes his concerns aside like it was no big deal. But over 10,000 people who hammered Yahoo in the story’s comment section aren’t leaving Yahoo News — a bastion of the liberal left — off the hook so easily.

Still, the Yahoo reporter’s tone even during this follow-up interview is very demeaning toward any conservative viewpoint. To Yahoo News, conservatives should perhaps be seen but not heard. Or maybe not seen either.

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  • Charlie Crash

    Don’t let me go Leftist on y’all!

  • RoreyRock

    Who’s interviewing whom? She’s talks/ interrupts (him) 85% of the time ! Tragic~

  • The media beat into the public 24/7 for over a year Trump is a racist woman hater while telling them his supporters are uneducated, White Supremacist, KKK members, and they hate immigrants, blacks and Muslims. None of it is true. They hand picked a few White Supremacist and KKK members that were voting for Trump and 24/7 linked all of the members of these groups were voting for him—just not true, members of these groups also voted for Clinton.

    Even though some of you may not accept this fact but it is unamerican to tell any legal citizen they should be singled out, punished and told they have no right to vote or whom they should vote for in any way, shape, or form. We may not agree with these groups views, just as we do not agree with BLM, but as an American they have a right to vote. Trump and his supporters response to this issue was and still is “Americans are NOT black or white. The ONLY colors we see is founded in our History and it Flys high for all to cast their eyes upon with honor and glory. It’s red, white and blue and we call it The American Flag”. It was and is Democrats and dishonest media that turned this election upside-down with racism not Trump and his supporters.

    Of course, you may point out the speech Trump gave the day he announced his entering the race for presidency. Have you really open your ears? The media twisted what he said into false outrageous bs. He said he is going to deport all rapist, murders, gangsters, drug dealers, etc. and building a WALL to keep them out. Then we will see who’s left and see how we want to move forward. Every time he said this his supporters cheered. Racist wouldn’t be happy with this…they would have demanded all immigrants kicked out. Think about.

    Here’s where the feeling began to change for Trump’s supporters: The day you punched a old woman in the face. The moment you sprayed our children in their eyes with peper spray or kicked them. The second you told us “F* America” and burnt our flag. The hour you started yet again another riot and attacked Trump’s supporters, destroyed businesses and private properties, and called out “Kill All Whites” or “Kill All Cops”. Your non stop attacks, riots, and protest have made American’s change sides to join us, turned supporters against immigration and refugees. So you see, you have became your own worse enemy by behaving this way and in the end you cannot change the fact you brought it upon yourself.

    Now, you blame the angry white man. I can’t help but to laugh at this statement. Why? Because I am a Native American woman and I voted for Trump. You see, you have lost touch with reality if you honestly believe Trump won because of white anger.

    Democrats were doing things most Americans said no too. They wouldn’t listen to the middle-class or poor and they became so out of touch with American values, traditions, and beliefs that makes million want to become American’s. They ripped all hope of a better future for American Citizens and gave it away. You crushed their every dream and told them “F* you”. You had to know at some point they would stop taking it and remove all your powers over them. And guess what you deserve it.

  • Sillywilly

    Don’t understand why any conservative would agree to be interviewed by these lying hack journalists…and just so you know using that term makes me gag.

  • Denise S

    Got news for you, there are angry White, Black, HIspanic, and Asian’s – who are sick of the FAR LEFT NEO-LIBERAL SOCIALISTIC NAZI PARTY who wants to kill all of us under their phony UN’s – Agenda 21. This is Yahoo just trying to make the new racism – Anti-White,,, become part of normal language in society. More brainwashing.

  • Takiwa

    Very well stated, Teresa.

  • Takiwa

    Very well stated, Teresa.

  • 4godandcountry