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VIDEO: Wicked Newt Gingrich’s Vicious Plan for Trump To Wipe Out the Tyrannical Ninth Circuit Court; Genius

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Presidential advisor Newt Gingrich, you can be sure, will echo the identical sentiments in this video to President Donald Trump about how to deal a serious blow to the rogue and radical U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and its tyrannical leftist reign.

Gingrich for nearly a decade has been preaching the need to abolish the rogue Ninth Circuit court and its fanatic panel of judges because of its consistently and dangerous left-leaning bias.

The liberal zealots on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck again Thursday, ruling that the U.S. will remain open to refugees and visa holders from seven Muslim-majority countries, effectively trouncing the Trump administration’s attempt to reinstate a travel ban in the name of national security.

Gingrich suggests there’s little need for Trump to play patty cake with the radical court. Simply employ his plan to destroy it instead.

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  • Bro daWg

    I support that

  • ADDgolfer

    Newt was my choice in 2012. A shame he had not found a place in the Trump admins. Hopefully he still has a pass to speak with Trump

  • ljcarolyne


  • jubadoobai

    Thank you, Newt! Here’s praying that he’s talked to Trump and this gets put into action.

  • Newt — the smartest man in the room!

  • Bob_Ingersoll

    Pure genius. I would prefer a panel of 9 judges drawn by lot from among the district’s for any question concerning the US and it’s governance.

  • mka

    I think the United states is not perfectly level. I believe it has a left tilt while looking at it from
    below Florida. This has to be why all the floating garbage ends up on the western coast.

  • Anon Person

    President Trump should do this today!

  • Lem Renrek

    Brilliant! Now to just find politicians with the Cajones to actually do it – that’s another issue.

  • Terri Turner

    Love that man. Trump clearly surrounds himself with brains, rather than Musim followers. Take heart America–we ARE on the right path.

  • Takiwa

    Senate presented a bill last night to dismantle the 9 circuit.

  • jabney8

    Several weeks ago I heard a states proposal to establish an additional circuit court because the 9th circuit is so inefficient and behind (300,000 + cases), the area covered is so large and the 9th Circuit is so inept it has an 85% failure rate. When I heard it – my only thought was why establish a new one – and leave such a poorly performing one? Why not fire (impeach) poor performers and realign to smooth out the size issues? Anyway as I consider their recent decision, which seemed to come as no surprise to anyone, I believe they are determined to best their own failure record. Like the decision or hate it, not a one of us on this page would keep our employment if our work place decisions were wrong 85% of the time – which tends to suggest that the remaining 15% was pure luck. I don’t think I’d want my fate in the hands of those that put their finger to the wind while sitting in front of a fan.

  • jabney8

    I hope they do. This “hands off” mentality for judges dangerous. When John Roberts rewrote the OC law – that was clearly actionable yet we run from these judges like they are gods. They are mere mortals – most plucked from obscurity like any other and their job isn’t that difficult. Consider the action, the arguments of challenge and apply the constitution. If they can’t be bothered to read – they can’t be bothered to collect a pay check.

  • jabney8

    … and they should be rotated. Any judge appointed via political process will most assuredly become a political animal.

  • Bob Smith

    I am 100% for this

  • helen sabin

    NEWT should have been CHIEF OF STAFF!!

  • ready

    Since most of you support Pres. Trump, believe then, that he has made all the right and best choices so far. Newt was interviewed by Mr Trump and was chosen as an “advisor” at large. This gives Newt the best of both worlds, in that he doesn’t give up any of his private work & he still offers considerable insight DIRECTLY to the President. Newt, for all of his greatness, has some baggage which is better left unpacked. Newt does an admirable job of endearing people to causes and to Mr Trump. Newt is a great mouth piece for political affairs but his time in the limelight has now shifted and he is much more effective coming from where he is at now, then if he was in the hot seat where he would be placed under a microscope.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Shut the traitors down!

  • bgarbled

    Newt is smart, but he’s also a MOLE – he’s a dangerous GLOBALIST playing a role.. Trump of course knows this, uses him like he does Preibus – Trump has to clear out all the globalists and Obama appointed left-overs.. at the right time.

  • Eva Cagle


  • Eva Cagle


  • ADDgolfer

    For those of us on the sidelines, It becomes mind boggling to read the many various interpretations of world events, the people who shape them, by those who write and report them. So much makes sense, while others are just way too “out there”. In the end who am I to know the truth of the matter. There’s just too much to digest. The Council on Foreign Relations comes to mind.

    Years ago I did some personal in depth research into the charter of the CFR. Reviewing the past and current membership had me asking myself, Really? All these members from Condoleezza Rice to Henry Kissinger to name just a few believed in and working for the end game, some where saying was CFR’s agenda?

    I have been on this earth 3 score + 3, not easily swayed or baffled. That being said my core views are cemented but political views can change slightly with the times. I had neo-conservative views that have changed now to paleo-conservative. As have Gingrich’s in 2013. His worldview fell more behind Cruz and Rand Paul then, and behind Trump now. Of course he being political one has to ask is he sincere? Al I know his common sense and candor is refreshing, his views align more to mine.

    Yes Trump is smart and has been his own man a long time, has never shown to be led by others. I’ve no concern, he following anyone but will listen and interpret other views.

  • TexanForever

    Newt. … Would have made a great President.

  • Roseann Stapff

    Please PRES..Trump make another NEW executive order and moot the liberal LEFT judges..Trump u are the POTUS and can ‘trump’ those judges zero power on protecting the ppl of America!..That is why you were elected and one of your campaign promise! Time to exert your constitutional power as POTUS.The American ppl cant no longer be subjected to being hijack by the left and dangerous and deadly agenda.

  • Patti

    Listening to Newt speak about this, I believe he was more interested in not being in the administration officially but still having a trusted role to advise the President with opinions from outside of DC, likely the best idea and from a place where he could say what he felt and not be handicapped by a White House “message”. He’s just an American citizen sharing his views from a bigger pulpit than most. He was my choice as well in 2012. I do not believe that his allegiances lie anywhere but right dab in America’s best interest. Newt & President Trump are the smartest men in the room in my opinion and I believe them to both be loyal Patriots. They are also strong and not easily deterred by critics. Any other Republican running for President this round had no chance in rallying Americans the way President Trump did and did not have the intestinal fortitude to deal with what President Trump is dealing with now. The hatred is not so much for Trump. It is because someone beat the Liberal Cabal and they didn’t see it coming. It’s a beautiful thing. There are ways around every problem. It’s how Trump has been successful his entire life.

  • Naomi Rose

    Newt didn’t WANT a place. Likes the ‘advisor’ role and allows him a lot more latitude.

  • Naomi Rose

    Trump is a Grand Master chess player. Keep watching. Appoints Nicky Haley to UN, then talks about getting out of the UN. Neutralizes Haley. Same with others.

  • Naomi Rose

    Dodged not just a bullet, but a nuclear attack on Nov 8!!

  • Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Excellent. Neat, clean and quick – if Congress will move and do this.

  • Bob_Ingersoll

    Newt is the best, he continues to amaze.

  • John Stroich

    Agendas and positions change all the time. Some of it may be Newt changing and some of it the CFR agenda changing. I know I have gone from being a Republican decades ago to becoming a constitutionalist today. That gradually happened over time because a lot of Republicans became soft and caved in to the progressive agenda. It was not that I did the changing in my position but that the agendas drifted off over time.

  • Daphne Thurlow

    I just love him..

  • Jim T

    No more political favors for the liberal politicians in the Northwest.

  • chuckkel

    When you have 80% of the cases overturned by the Supreme Court, look at the waste of time and money having to re-litigate things again. Also realize that many do not the money to keep going, so bad case law gets generated and is allowed to stay in place.

  • nightwisp

    long past time to dismantle this abomination court.

  • AZWarrior