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VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Will Pay For You To Leave United States

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If, like Iowa Rep. Steve King, you support the beliefs of Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders, Whoopi Goldberg says she’ll get you a ticket out of this country to the Netherlands, where according to her, “everybody may think like you do.”

Wilders opposes what he calls the “Islamization of the Netherlands” and advocates a halt to Muslim immigration into his country.

Goldberg is apparently willing to put her money where her mouth is in her opposition to Wilders. “I got some money that I saved up. I’ll get you a ticket. If you really like the way of life this man has suggested, go on and go over there where everybody may think like you do.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin was quick to tell Whoopi that not everybody in the Netherlands thinks the way Wilders does.

The remark came in the middle of “The View” co-hosts’ unanimous condemnation of Steve King’s Sunday tweet:

Goldberg repeated her promise later in the show and called out Steve King as a potential recipient for a free ticket.

She has yet to make good on her own suggestion she’d leave the country if Trump was elected president.


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  • fjwag3

    The “Poster Face” for Liberalism…….NASTY.

  • ThinkAboutIt1st

    Think about it… Seriously… Whoopi, big mouth no brains, just a brainwashed puppet! She is someone who believes they have a message that everyone must hear, but she has no message other than believing shes privileged and special! As with most so called celebrities, Whoopi is out of touch with reality, lives in a fantasy world, and is a hypocrite! She has no idea what American citizens is going through, but she speaks showing her stupidity! Whoopi, you allow, illegals and unvetted immigrants, as many that can possibly fit, into your home and onto your property and then speak after you learn something! Whoopi, you also must pay for all their food, clothing, medical care, education, transportation and anything else they need until they find jobs to support themselves! Oh, but wait, those jobs they get will most likely be American jobs they have taken! Now, we have more Americans unemployed thanks to you! Whoopi, you and your stupid celebrity friends need to seek guidance, because you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about! So, Whoopi, shut up and move to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Syria, and America will pay for your move…