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VIDEO: Washington D.C. Officially a ZOO; Just Ask This Idiot Senator Who Grilled U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

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More proof that Washington D.C. has officially become a zoo after Sen. Al Franken spent the afternoon trying to grill super-qualified US Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch on Tuesday.

Franken, a lightweight Democrat who has largely spent his tenure in the senate hiding the illegal votes that got him “elected” under one of more of the 10,000 frozen lakes in Minnesota, is proof of two things:

1. The people of Minnesota will vote for anyone or possibly any thing (see Jesse Ventura, Walter Mondale).
2. The United States Senate is only as strong as its weakest member and with Franken, that’s not very strong at all.

Check out some of Franken’s earlier career work. He actually managed to look like an even bigger moron today. How in the hell is this clown a United States Senator?

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  • Sharp Marksman

    idiot and a half

  • Maggie18

    I’m from MN and this is what we have to live with. Norm Coleman actually won this seat and the democrats stole it. I have no idea why the MSM even covers him. Pathetic waste of a seat.

  • RedPillPlease

    Sen. Al Franken: “Judge Gorsuch, let me just tell you all the things I have done as a United States Senator. Do you have half a nano-second?”

  • huntress

    Frankenstein looks like early ape man. He’s the typical lying liberal loon.

  • 8675310

    His “election” is the result of a program initiated by George Soros, to get leftist Secretaries of State elected so that they would be in a position of stealing the elections. Minnesota’s was either the first or second elected. Franken, I believe, was the first successful outcome of that program. Keep counting until the Democrats produce enough bogus votes to win, and then shut down the count immediately. Republicans complained, but of course, no one cared.

  • 8675310

    Every picture of him in an article should be in his baby costume. You know, with the diaper.

  • Noble Gunnz

    This is a sidetrip into a DC worm hole, alternate universe in which it is possible for Al Franken to co-exist in the same room with a Supreme Court nominee. Didn’t happen.

  • adorable deplorable

    Al got a big thumbs up at the group home today. Gordy gave him his
    pudding cup and Phil gave him 2 boxes of raisins. Deloris showed him how
    she prays to Jesus in the janitors closet. And the staff gave him 2
    extra absorbent products !

    Way to go Al ! We always knew you were special !