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VIDEO: U.S. Spy Chief Busts CNN & BuzzFeed For Fake Claims That U.S. Intel Agencies Released Bogus Dirt on Trump

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The Director of National Intelligence just tossed CNN and BuzzFeed under the proverbial spy bus. And while it was driving about 65 m.p.h.

Once again, CNN and BuzzFeed get busted but this time by Office of the Director of National Intelligence which oversees the country’s spy agencies and Intel apparatus.

Director James Clapper released a scathing statement late Wednesday night disputing the claims of the news agencies who purported to obtain a bogus intelligence dossier on President-Elect Donald Trump from anonymous U.S.-based intelligence sources.

Wrong. More fake news, Clapper said in a surprise formal statement.

Clapper’s letter dropped right after CNN’s Anderson Cooper lied repeatedly about the sourcing during an on-air scrap with Trump spokeswoman, advisor and campaign guru Kellyanne Conway. That video is below. After the letter. Here is a link for the press release.

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  • Alan

    Am I missing something?. It seems like this line somewhat validates a small part of CNN’s hit job. “However, part of our obligation is to ensure that policymakers are provided with the fullest possible picture of any matters that might affect national security” Reads like they gave Trump the info. CNN was still no better than Buzzfeed but the small part seems to be correct. More like helped CNN

  • Narutojlin Song

    CNN = FNN ( Fake News Network )

  • Chris Ogloff

    Counterfeit News Network.