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VIDEO: Tucker Pokes Fun At Media ‘Hysteria’ Over Enforcing Immigration Laws

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Tucker Carlson joined “Fox & Friends” Monday morning to discuss the mainstream media’s collective loss of composure over the recent rash of immigration law enforcement operations around the country.

After host Steve Doocy introduced the cascade of coverage the enforcement actions have received, The Daily Caller co-founder and Fox News host picked apart the rapidly assembling narrative of fear.


“It’s not even clear that these are the result of orders given by the president,” he stated, responding to the strong implication given by the media that Trump is himself behind the arrests.

Tucker then emphasized that there is nothing exceptional about U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement applying this country’s immigration laws.

“Just some context,” he explained. “During the Obama administration, over eight years, that administration deported about two million illegal aliens…In the last five days in California, part of the reason for this hysteria, ICE arrested 165 people.”

“That’s the ‘crackdown!’” he added with a laugh.

Tucker then took the media to task on the implications of their narrative.

“What is the argument? Are they saying that people who are here, illegal aliens with felony records, have a moral right to stay here?” he asked. “They don’t bother to make that argument…Instead they just suggest this is somehow ‘fascist’ or ‘scary’ or communities are ‘living in fear.’ … What is the argument exactly?”

When host Abby Hunstman referred to a guide issued by the American Civil Liberties Union on how to avoid being caught violating American immigration laws, Carlson joked he is, “waiting for the piece on how I can get away with tax evasion.”


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