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VIDEO: Trump Body-Slams ‘Fraud News’ CNN In WWE Tweet

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President Trump tweeted out a video Sunday morning that shows him body-slamming “fraud news” CNN.

The fake video shows the president attacking “fake news” (or “fraud news,” depending on the day) CNN during an appearance Trump made on a fake wrestling show several years back.

The doctored video comes from an appearance Trump made on WWE where he body-slammed WWE president Vince McMahon. The CNN logo was placed over McMahon’s face in the video Trump tweeted, which shows the president going in for the body-slam followed by several (fake) punches.


Trump accompanied the video with the hashtags “#FraudNewsCNN” and “#FNN.”

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  • jay landers

    Awesome! Trump has a great sense of humor & is a fighter! All of msm is propaganda & has been for decades! Those having a fit about POTUS tweeting are stuck in the 20th century, brainwashed by the very crap msm has been dishing out for years! You know how deeply they are programmed by how much hatred they have for Trump & his MAGA message. These haters can dish it out but they cant take it, they are weak, phoney, immature & horribly misinformed!

  • democrat CockRoach

    If barry can ride a girls bike, than Trump can take up wrestling if he likes.


    The MSM’s comebacks & general whinery indicates they STILL don’t get it. DJT trolls circles around them, & they continue chasing the red dot all while he continues to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. #MAGA