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VIDEO: Tim Tebow’s Epic Response to Critics in Baseball Media Quickly Stuns, Silences and Shames Snarky Sports Reporters

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Some video clips need no introduction or editorial set up.

This is one of them.

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  • AyePatriot

    Bravo! What a great human being!!

  • Janny McNeil

    Wow. Tim Tebow!

  • flowers of fate

    so proud of someone like you tim tebow. i know you aren’t my son but i claim you.

  • JP_AZ

    Amen Tim! God Bless you and may others learn from your example.

  • Dbom

    I love that guy!!!

  • JSpicoli

    The reporter most likely then said “Yeah, but still”

    Like a snarky reporter

  • kasullie

    What you do isn’t who you are!

  • Margaret lee Combs
  • equalizer294

    “Just in case you’re wondering
    What was really on my mind
    It wasn’t what you took my love
    It was what you left behind”
    The Moody Blues

  • Xasprtr

    Mic drop