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VIDEO- Sour Don Lemon Snaps; Storms off Camera & Pulls Plug on CNN After Pro-Trump Guest Calls Segment Fake News

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I guess Don Lemon’s intrepid panel guest on CNN struck a nerve that forced Lemon to walked off and pull the plug on his own show.

Talk about a squeezed Lemon. Maybe a panel guest can repeatedly mention Fake News every night and end Lemon’s CNN show early … or completely.

Some intern may want to nail the studio windows shut. We wouldn’t want Lemon on a ledge. Someone might mistaken him for Van Jones and forget to dial 911.

Watch Lemon come unglued.

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  • Havid Damburger

    What a fag

  • Dorothy

    They both were wrong in my opinion. To me Fake News are false reports, made-up plots and stories. Fabrications to what was really said by a person or the story. Blatant lies, a completely made-up story. Twisting ones words and meaning, (done to Trump often to make him look bad). Not true, untrue story. What one said put out of context, usually to make them look bad. Edited videos choosing certain words said to put the whole truth of what was said out of context.
    Then there’s really important stories that aren’t reported at all by the media because it doesn’t fit their planned concept in covering that particular person or set of events. With Trump th media has always been out to attack him, nit pic, point to the negatives or anyone who supports him. There’s been negative headlines about Trump in the media from day one of his first date of campaigning.

  • Evelyn

    The only thing he got wrong was it’s not #FakeNews, it’s #VeryFakeNews.

  • RedPillPlease

    Watching Don Lemon on CNN – a poke in the eye.
    Watching Don Lemon lose his cool being repeatedly accused of Fake News – Priceless!

  • Numbiz 13

    And wasn’t mainstream media calling alternative media sites “fake news”, inverting our truth about them?

  • jax teller

    cnn IS the definition of fake news. This lemon character is beyond fake I mean he doesn’t even try to hide it. Get real cnn and get back to being what you started out to be back in the day.

  • Niteangel

    Does Don Lemon actually believe what he said?

  • michaelC58

    For once the progressives’ psychological projection bounced back and smacked them in the face.

  • Daniel Burke

    “Tolerant” left.

  • Beck

    Look at lemon try desperately to defend the lying, very fake news. We all recognize it when we see it. No amount of deflection is going to change that. The MSM jumped the shark, and ow their is no way to put the genie back in the bottle.

  • MichelleAnn

    #CNN #FakeNews since when are the American Public worried abt the cost to protect the POTUS. What about the cost to protect the old senile Democrat Former POTUS and their Lifetime pensions.. Mr Trump isnt even accepting a salary. !! #FAKENEWSMEDIA

  • LMJ313

    All during the Obama administration you couldn’t count the number of extra expenses and unnecessary extravagances that were paid for with tax payer dollars. The president and first lady unnecessarily taking separate jets, bloated entourages full of family and friends on official business and anyone who said a peep about it was called a racist. It’s fake news because it is a contrived story meant to insinuate controversy where there is none. It claims outrage by the public when there isn’t any. Do your stupid job, Lemon.

  • Terry Carter

    Don Lemon couldn’t think of an example of fake news?!!! What about the story of the missing Martin Luther King bust!!!

  • Lutie

    All I can say is LMAO! He can’t think of any fake news story.? Does twisting the facts or the narative to fit their agenda count?

  • Lutie

    They can dish it out but have such thin skins when it’s thrown back at them!

  • benoNetanya .

    To think that 6% of America still trusts these idiots is bewildering, that is 20 million people, lots of work ahead.

  • huntress

    Why are there actual people still tuning in to this complete and nonsense? I don’t get it, they’re liars beyond belief so why would one waste their time on this. Watching the grass grow would be more productive.

  • Denise S

    Why didn’t Lemon make an issue of the COST to protect Obama,,,, who cost American tax payers MORE than ALL other President’s put together for security. CNN is full of crap and they at trouble makers. Always stirring the pot.

  • Chili Boots

    NOBODY in their right mind should ever appear on CNN in the future.

  • Vito

    I vote for “or completely!” His response to the Chicago teen ubduction incident speaks volumes of who and what he is; “I don’t think it’s evil. I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.” Really? If the skin color were reversed all the way around, he would have been out the first day and there would have been riots in the streets.

  • Veronica Midgley

    Let’s not forget Obama using airforce one for flying Hilary around for her campaign. The taxpayers paid for that! That was a real controversy and we got crickets from MSM

  • micky d.

    All these left-wing weenies are basically beating their Meat.

  • micky d.

    The Lemon Show, going down hill- Is it Racism-or Lemon Stupid-ism.

  • micky d.

    Q,.If you rob a bank in a Sanctuary City Is it illegal
    Is it just an Undocumented- With,Drawl——

  • RedPillPlease

    It’s bothism

  • Steve Bite

    Why does anyone still watch this idiot???

  • Oscar Diggs

    Why is this idiot still on TV..