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VIDEO SMACK DOWN: Tucker Carlson Mops Floor With Honky Hater & Womanizer Tariq Nasheed

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Tucker Carlson is on a roll, verbally rag dolling Lefties on a nightly basis.

Tariq Nasheed was the latest victim on Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Carlson grilled Nasheed on falsely claiming that President Elect Donald Trump has hired white supremacists to serve in his cabinet.

Nasheed also defended his tips on lying to women to trick them into having sex. Given Nasheed’s personality, this seems like a skill he may have been forced to perfect.

He’s no Frederick Douglass.



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  • @ChunkyTWshngtn

    Jesus Christ!
    He blocked me on twitter for challenging him!
    The least he could do is connect the imaginary dots he claims of white supremacy and Steve Bannon!

  • theGOONIES

    Of course he did. The only argument he could possibly win is with the voices in his racist head

  • Ho hum, just ANOTHER lyng loudmouthed obnoxious arse lifting n–ger!…..’Who he REALLY is”?!…..I believe the lying POS arse lifting lowlife Tariq IS, as previously stated, a —-ing no class lowlife…..’sucka’.!…….Tariq take your —ing Taqiyya somewhere else; we aren’t buying any of your s— here!…..

  • beniyyar

    I tried to listen to this ignorant lying black gorilla and after a couple of minutes I had to change the channel.

  • Cipher’s Solution

    I wonder if Tariq ever realizes that he has an inferiority complex precisely because he IS inferior…

  • Jay

    Monkeys speaking out

  • Jay

    OMG, what a stupid person