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VIDEO: Sen. Harris Drops F-Bomb at Public Event

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Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) dropped a big “F-Bomb” at a recent public event.

Harris was discussing health care in San Francisco at a taping of the podcast “Pod Save America” when she started to swear, CBS San Francisco reports. The event was sold out.

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  • Pervy Grin

    Well of course she did.

  • Joey Beagle

    It’s amazing to me the amount of their own BS they believe. Just WOW.

  • BubblePuppy7

    Stay classy, Tamale (sic).

  • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

    She’s gotta one-up that dips#it Tom Perez.
    Hillary is gonna have to start letting ’em rip, and Chelsea’s “spicy” tweets will have to go nuclear to keep up.

  • jbspry

    I can’t wait for her wardrobe malfunction!

  • The_Governments_koch

    She’s the one that slept her way to the job.

    Her only qualification is her vagina.

  • Drumwaster

    Call her a cock-holster, that’s about the best compliment one can pay something like her. (Not an insult, according to Colbert and his supporters.)

    She was only barely incompetent as California AG, so OF COURSE she’s going to get a promotion, and prove the Peter Principle true once again.

  • MumuBobby

    She got ‘promoted’ by the Ds when their California ‘hope’, Gavin Newsome San Francisco mayor at the time, got caught schtooping his chief of staff’s (and longtime ‘friend’) wife.

    In the Democrat party that’s hardly a show stopper though. GN is now the LT Gov of Cali and likely next Gov. Just don’t leave him alone with your wife i.e. the Bill Clinton Rule.

  • ancirnhao

    Isn’t she a “rising star” of the Left? Such a classy bunch, those Democrats.

  • Kneave Riggall

    The name is COMMIE-LA, not Tamale.

  • ubik

    Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho’s veep pick

    They speak the same coarse language.

  • econpro

    F Camela Harris. She’s the official cuck holster for democrat politicians.