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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow On Verge Of Tears Over Flynn Not Being Fired Quick Enough

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When MSNBC host Rachael Maddow turned her attention to the circumstances surrounding General Micheal Flynn’s departure from the National Security Adviser post Tuesday night, she became visibly upset.


“That’s getting us to the really, really important point here, right? We now know that the Justice Department, including the acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, she went to the White House at the end of January,” Maddow said, appearing to choke up as she spoke, “…[S]he and another senior career Justice official informed the White House counsel that Mike Flynn had had contacts with the Russian government.” Maddow made no mention of Yates having been dismissed for refusing to enforce President Trump’s executive orders.

Maddow followed up by suggesting Flynn should never have been allowed to serve as national security adviser. “Because he’d been lying about it he could conceivably be blackmailed by Russia, which is a very bad thing, right?” she asked.

Maddow also suggested rank impropriety in Flynn’s handling of his duties. “General Flynn is national security adviser. Remember, he was rewriting the president’s daily intelligence briefing so the president wouldn’t get straight information from the intelligence community, he’d just get what Michael Flynn told him. That was a weird arrangement. Why was that set up?,” she angrily asked, regaining her composure.


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  • Grace

    She’s a hack and a disinfo agent. She should be retired to some basement cell at Langley, where she belongs. She is jumping to so many conclusions, it’s making ME WANT TO HAVE A MELTDOWN. Seriously, does anyone take this person seriously? I hope good people will STOP watching any MSM media which includes her pathetic show. She’s ridiculous. If anyone recorded the Nat’l Security Officer for Obama and then leaked it to the press, SHE WOULD BE HAVING A STROKE ON NAT’L TV AND NO DOUBT ENCOURAGING RIOTS. We all don’t know how or why Flynn was having these conversations with Russia – they could have been sanctioned from on high, but they were never meant to be taped and then leaked. Again, if this happened to Obama, heads would fly. Let us stop listening to any MSM channel and let each one know that we will not watch them any more (not that we do), but the MSM need to hear from us deplorables.

  • Patriot76

    Did Obama rush to fire any of his crew? Like with Benghazi, Guns for Mexico etc. No, he didn’t fire anyone!

  • Ladirish

    boo hoo

  • Kardashian Ass

    That smirk makes me sick to my stomach.