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VIDEO: Pelosi bursts into laughter, yells ‘Mr. President, what do the Russians have on you!’

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Donald Trump is living rent-free in the vacant head of Nancy Pelosi.

The House Minority Leader had another bizarre outburst on Wednesday when a malfunctioning microphone was adjusted during a press conference, causing her to burst into laughter and begin shouting about the Russians. – READ MORE


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  • D. Bonham

    Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters the two brain dead representatives and the true face of the democratic party. Of course both of them being from California pretty much explains it.

  • Liberalphoebic Grunt

    Being a Californian doesn’t make someone brain dead. A lot of us Californian’s voted for DJT, and we support him 100%. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are two examples of wasted skin. I wish I could help in ousting them, but neither of them represent my area. I hope they keep it up, since it could, possibly, get their constituents to vote their worthless butts out of office.

  • Liberalphoebic Grunt

    BTW … there is a movement for California leave the Union. I intend to sign the petition in the hopes of having California become it’s own country. Then, DJT can build a wall around California. If the movement is successful, I intend to move to Nevada. It is my understanding that there is another movement for Northern California to split from Southern California. I hope that movement is successful; where does Southern California most of its water from?

  • Patriot76

    The Democrat Lemming Representatives keep voting for her to lead their party in the House. They are all empty headed.

  • Bob_Ingersoll

    Peloski is dropping acid, she thinks she’s talking about Bush.