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VIDEO: NYC High Schoolers Skip Class to Complain About Trump, Get Schooled By Watters

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Jesse Watters of Fox News went out into the crowds of New York City high school students who “walked out” of their classes to protest President Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries Tuesday.

“Are you cutting class to go to this protest?” Watters asked one high schooler. “Yes. I would have missed any class,” was the response. The sentiment was echoed among some of the others.


When asked if their teachers knew they were cutting class to join the protests, one replied, “Yes! Many of them were just like, ‘we understand a lot of you aren’t going to be here tomorrow. Good for you!’”

The students had some harsh words for President Trump. “What he’s doing is not right. It’s fascism, not democracy,” one said. “He’s racist. He’s against African-Americans,” claimed another.

Despite their apparent passion for the issue, some students were not able to name the countries subject to the Administration’s executive order. “Well, as of right now, I’m not completely sure about the actual countries,” said one student.

Some students suggested nothing was exceptional about the countries named in the travel ban. Replying to Watter’s suggestion that they were havens of terrorism, one replied, “America’s a haven of terrorism.”

Perhaps most disturbingly, some of the protesting kids seemed to endorse political violence against those supporting the travel ban. One, carrying a sign reading “Punch a Nazi” said, “I do believe in violence, not gun violence.”


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  • David Hogston

    Activist “teachers” cannot participate so they manipulate students to act as their proxy. Encouraging activism over learning in their classroom is unprofessional. Teachers are supposed to instruct pupils HOW to think by giving the the needed tools. Teachers are not supposed to instruct pupils WHAT to think. Misusing their position of power over the students and using peer pressure to manipulate/brainwash students is beyond infuriating. That malpractice has gone on for too long. I’ve experienced it first hand. Part of the reason I consider myself to be a rebel. I do not tolerate thos who try to manipulate me.. or others. DeVos has her work cut out for her.

  • Harleyrose

    So the little leftist loon believes in violence, just not gun violence?? LOL
    The ‘civil war’ they think they want is not gonna last long!
    Almost pathetic to use bullets to defend ourselves from these whackos.
    Just pistol-whip the stupid out of them and declare Irony the winner!