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VIDEO: MSNBC Rolls Out Nixon Watergate Cover-Up Mastermind & Felon Turned FBI Rat to Slam Trump

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MSNBC hit a new low. Yes, no one thought that was indeed possible. The alleged news network rolled out Nixon White House Counsel John Dean to attack President Donald Trump.

Dean, called Watergate’s “master manipulator of the cover-up” by the FBI is a felon who served a shortened prison sentence in exchange for ratting out other Nixon-era colleagues for the DOJ and FBI. Classy guy.

The former government’s star witness took to the air to call Trump a classless president after Trump manhandled the media during a Thursday press conference.

MSNBC made no mention of course of Dean’s past transgressions in the White House or the fact that he ratted out colleagues or went from White House directly to the Big House.

Credit to MSNBC for rolling Dean out of mothballs. We thought he was dead.

Who is next on the guest list to attack Trump, Charles Manson?

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  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    John Dean, disgraced White House counsel from Watergate despencing advice to… anyone? Remarkable!

  • Frontierland

    Who can they dredge up next…
    Too bad that Anti-White Terrorist & Communist, Nelson Mandel died, I’d love to hear his thoughts.