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VIDEO: Mariah Carey A Drunk Mess in Times Square? Bumbling Diva Trashes New Year’s Eve TV Show

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So much for “Live” TV performances from the talented Beautiful People, especially when Mariah Carey forgets the lyrics and starts babbling to the crowd even though a soundtrack keeps blasting her singing voice.

What a mess. Is the Diva replacing carbs with shots of Witch Hazel? At one point the singer’s meltdown included her telling the audience to sing the lyrics.

“I’m on a Holiday too,” she babbled over her own background lyrics. “Can I not have off?” Or she might have dropped the “F” bomb somewhere in there. It’s tough to decipher.

How drunk do you have to be to Not be able to lip sync, especially when lip syncing was specifically invented by drunks? Perhaps Mariah has officially swapped Saucy for simply Sauced.

But wait. Maybe the Russians are behind this too.

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Embarrassed Fan Reaction to the Mayhem:




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  • Patricia

    Oh shite !

  • Tom Kilian

    RuPaul looks terrible.

  • Diana Dee

    I don’t think those people noticed anything! They were too much Mood to party!

  • sherrie g

    Her IEMS (in-ear monitors) were not working. It’s impossible to perform in such a situation. You can hear her calling out for someone to turn the monitors on. The focus should be on the audio engineers – she did what she could with an impossible situation.

  • Troy Wilkinson

    Being absolutely hammered didn’t help either though…if we are going to be completely honest right?

  • Troy Wilkinson

    Oh you mean the comparatively small audience that was there compared to the big audience on TV who noticed everything and began posting like crazy on multimedia? It was embarrassing how wasted she was. Her dancers couldn’t even wrangle her effectively. But I see your positive person and thats pretty cool.

  • dott

    Time for rehab.

  • Brian L. Logan

    Should have gotten a better performer that doesn’t lip sinc!!!!

  • Leon Patton

    A woman nearly 50 running around in a leotard….

  • mike lopez

    She messed up badly but wasn’t drunk. Not sure why the fake news headlines continues, just for a click.

  • Lisa

    For once I have to agree w/ the true musicians and sound techs replying. This was a sound crew mess up. She was calling for the monitors. Does anyone know what monitors are? Monitors are the speakers that point to the artist so she can hear her background music. No way she could perform in those circumstances. The voices heard were her bg-vocals, including her own, & not the main part. If it had been meant for lip syncing you would have heard the main part & not just the bgvs. That was a little lesson from someone w/ a little experience in sound. Kudos for not completely flipping out at the sound crew in front of millions but I’m sure some heads will roll behind closed doors!

  • MrDoug Says deport all muslims

    She is a lefty looser . Still in a daze over the butcher losing to the man.. Maybe next time she might want to dress up as a sperm whale . That would be much more entertaining then watching her flounder around like over weight fool dressed for slutting

  • Tommy Barrios

    WTF was that!
    Did that have any clothes on?

  • ajftl250

    Like Britney!!!


  • ajftl250

    No lip sinc rehab?

  • Hummingbird

    Were u with her last night.?
    Looks to me drunk or similar.
    What a drunk old old half naked joke!

  • It is sad because she has usually been at the top of her game. She should have sung along or sung on her own. But, definitely she should have put on her clothes first. She is supposedly a #performer, and #entertainer and she should have been able to hold her own.

  • Please. 🙂 She is an experienced performer Doesn’t she know how to improvise? She could have owned that whole show with a monologue, another song…..if she is a ‘talented’ singer/performer.

    I suggest she was impaired in some way. I bet other performers would have milked the moment for all its worth..really talented performers, I mean.

    PostScript: I am an actress and if things go wrong in a live performance, you improvise. The show goes on.

  • Jennifer Twodoves Caton

    Fat Pig — should’ve worn a respectful dress.

  • mistermeanguy

    The dancer behind her right side during the Auld Lang Syne section was trying to help her with her IEM (in ear monitor.) She wasn’t Auld Lang Syne. She was lip syncing it poorly… because her IEM had fallen out. Next when she walked downstage (towards the front) she was fumbling around with her hair and necklace looking for the earpiece. Her speaking voice seemed quite low and hoarse, so they were probably supposed to play a track WITH vocals. That was the second problem. Notice that later, after she come down off the riser and is back on the deck (stage) the earpiece to the IEM is dangling below her hair off of her right shoulder. Also, she was drunk, high or both. She was having a HARD time negotiating those uber-stripper heels. She was also having trouble standing in the interview with Seacrest after the ball dropped. Still, she completed her act. That is all she has to do contractually. 50% to book and 50% before downbeat (start of her performance.) That is the standard deal. She supposedly gets $250K for four songs, so I would imagine that she got a bit over $100K for that “performance.”

  • mike lopez

    Guess you’re one of these internet trolls who spreads lies. And your reply just shows your true immaturity. Have a happy new year bashing people you don’t even know because they have more than you. And I’m sure you’ll say you have more than i or that “drunk old half naked joke”… just to feel good lol

  • Hummingbird

    Nope not a troll. A realist.

  • Hummingbird

    You are bashing me, mariah sucked..everyone is bashing the old half naked drunk. Get real.

  • Dean Nitz

    Lisa, your analysis seems spot on. Sure, we hear her high vocals at points but that is a background vocal (bgvs as you wrote). I think she handled it well. Also I think she looks pretty hot for someone her age. Any age. Sorry she’s not stick thin everyone.

  • Aretmis

    Thats what happens when YOU DONOT sing LIVE, I am surprised a 6 octave range come on Mariah! YOU, Beyonce J Lo ,Perry ,Madonna,
    ALL LIP SYNC WUEENS Big money all show NO Go!
    Give my acoustic and Iet me sing my ass off! THIS is WHAT is wrong with OUR FAKE FAKE Music BIZ

    ALL CAN NOT SING LIVE JUst dance big heels look like a HO! BIG DEAL! WE WANT REAL TALENT 2017 by people who write play not just shake their fat ass

  • Aretmis

    Well still SING LIVE Not lip sync!

  • Aretmis

    Lefty loser is Madonna Imagine having a MOM saying vote for Hillary and I’ll blow ya!O H THAT is the sleaze. In Hollywood casting couch ,yes sad Marie has talent tho she doesn’t need to wear nothing, she should have STAYED with Tommy Matola! HE manager as a LADY with PIPES to sing, now it’s Madonna perry beyonce CRAP!

  • Aretmis

    But ya no what stop and say SOUND MAN HOOK ME UP it fell out watch when they stripped off feathers, that’s why YOU REHEARSE ,did you hear that other artists ?Racheal? I mean I have played In clubs NO montier guiatrs blasting and pulled it off, Mariah is a Pro! She should have scat

  • sherrie g

    Yeah it looks like the dancer to her right was trying to adjust the wire and yanked the ear monitor completely out. That may have been why she was trying to feel around her neck/necklace to see if it was still attached or fell on the floor (and was lost). (It was still attached and dangling.) She walked towards the front speaker monitors – I think she was asking for her vocal feed to be put through those front monitors instead.

    Note: She wasn’t lip-syncing. She was performing with a background track (vs. a live band) that had all the parts EXCEPT for her lead vocal. She seemed to me to do a decent job of trying to bide time and ‘improvise.’ Without her feed in the monitors it’s like trying to sing while you’re deaf.

  • Jeff Bosco

    You Sir.. just won the internet today! I actually did LOL! BRILLIANT!

  • mikeman

    How true. Of course you know you’re about to be banned from the comments section.

  • erwin franklin

    So what.. sheesh.. let the girl have fun.. we all know she a bad ass singer.. HAPPY NEW YEAR MARIAH…I LOVE YOU GIRL… POSTING UNDER MY MANS NAME..

  • Terry RM Roberts

    Mariah looked so cheap. That naked look, for this event, seen by millions all ages, is very inappropriate. She obviously did not know the lyrics to the song as she was apparently intoxicated. Is That is best the planners could do???

  • mike lopez

    Haha. A jokester I see.

  • mike lopez

    If you saw the performances throughout the day/night, all singers were lip syncing.

  • NotMarySue

    A pudgy middle-aged woman. Ug!

  • Beth Duffy

    I never saw it live but your video my friend went viral and I felt so bad at her humiliation too! Maybe they will finally stop asking th to participate and bring out the real singers!

  • Beth Duffy

    And that’s the truth!

  • Petteemn

    The monitor system was working. Same as for performers who preceded her Why didn’t she sound check this song? Stop blaming the technicians for her screw up. My GUESS is that her people gave them the wrong tracks for playback and this would have been uncovered in a proper sound check.

  • gahnzo55

    OMG… and she actually got paid for that mess?? She’s also looking like 10lbs of sausage in a 5 lb casing.. time to put some clothing over that body… it just ain’t what it used to be… and no amount of excuses will cover for your incompetence.. don’t blame the media.. YOU were supposed to perform.. and you didn’t…

  • gahnzo55

    well at least the others were able to make a reasonable “fake it” performance.. she just didn’t give a damn to even try…

  • gahnzo55

    Yup, if something goes wrong, improvise.. do what your paid to do.. SING…and forget about whats going on around you..

  • Angela Gates Bright

    I agree she shoulda never been on the show at all in that shape or state of mind

  • Angela Gates Bright

    She was definitely intoxicated on something

  • Angela Gates Bright


  • She is a highly paid entertainer. She supposedly has a great pop voice…but she has become used to having digitally enhanced vocals and simply doesnt know what to do when technology fails her.

  • Patty Hicks

    She was paid to professionally perform. That’s what’s wrong with today’s performers..They forget about being professional. Get high and drunk and fumble around on stage. She is becoming another Whitney Houston. Throwing it all away. And I always admired both of these women. Sad.

  • dott

    Didn’t work for Milli Vanilli, and they were better than MC.

  • The Tomorrow Children

    I thought Mariah Carey’s performance was the quintessential send off for 2016. It definitely captured all of my feelings toward the past year.

  • Aardy

    Sorry, it was not a tech fault. There were wedges out front and the dancers heard everything just fine. She could have popped out one IEM and been have been back in the game but, most very likely, was too intoxicated to sort her way through a very easy gig. She has a well know history of skipping sound-checks and for botching lip-synchs like this. It is very sad for her and her people to try and assign blame away from her and trust me… nobody in the Tech crew wanted to see her in that horrible outfit. This debacle is all on her.

  • Brett

    Can her boobs, thighs, and ASS get any bigger??