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VIDEO: Lib Windbag Joy Behar Prays for Terror Attack; Predicts Trump Would Use Disaster to Launch “The Dictatorship” with Bannon

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The world class political and national security experts on The View decided they were the best candidates to educate the nation on terrorism and US foreign policy.

Liberal Windbag Joy Behar said that President Donald Trump wants a terrorist attack so he can clamp down on civil liberties, impose Martial Law and run ‘The Dictatorship’ with Steve Bannon.

Insanity personified.

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  • Pilgrim22

    And this is based on what? What an ignorant idiot.

  • Rebecca J Dirking

    They can say whatever they want to. Go Joy! She’s a smart cookie.

  • Matt

    Their hate is palpable. Joykill Behar, Whoopi, Maxine Waters, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Chelsea Clinton… the list is endless, but all of these women plus Michael Moore, who walk around with perma-scowl, let me just say, the world would be so much more peaceful and pleasant without all of your ugliness. I don’t mean physical appearances, I mean the hated that you spew on a daily basis. Get right with yourselves and stop dwelling on things you have no control over. You can’t control other people’s actions, you can only control your reaction to them. Why must yours always be so ugly? Trump won. He is your president. He is tying to save this country from those who wish to destroy it. Do your homework. Look at Europe. There are already over 22 Islamic Jihadi Training Camps here in the United States of America. This is serious business. Whether you like Trump or not, it’s time to put your petty differences aside and realize that he is acting in our best interests.

  • yeah, a wack-a-doo cookie

  • Connie Alsip

    More stupidity from the leftist forum, moderated by RICH liberal women who truly have no freakng idea of what the 8 years of suffering in the middle class has done. People have lost their homes. Seniors are called mentally handicapped, children are taught sexual techniques in 4th GRADE! That is 100% on the backs of these liberal asswipes!

  • Frances Spinelli

    It’s not based on anything she is just ignor along with her side-kick Whoppie. I also saw Joy out in a restaurant Jo Allens in Manhattan on time having dinner with my family. After she was finished with her meal she sat there and picked her teeth at the Table. It turned my stomach I couldn’t even finish my meal. So not only is she ignorant she has no class. I hope the view loses ratings and goes off the air. Their a bunch of nasty women.