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VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway Tunes CNN’s Anderson Cooper Up Like Piano During Live on Air Throw Down

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CNN should turn out the lights today and try again in the morning. It’s getting ugly. Split up into three videos. Watch over-snarky Anderson Cooper try to dig his fake news network out of a trench.

Cooper throws BuzzFeed under the bus over and over. The mainstream media turn on one another.

Donald Trump was right. We’re getting sick of Winning.

Part 2

Part 3


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  • Takiwa

    Anderson says repeatedly they did not publish the story. Yesterday on their website they had the story up with a link to Buzz Feed.

  • Debby Powell Hubert

    He’s still denying it and shows on his program that it links to another story. Covering their ass. I want to get ahold of their original story.

  • Solid Voter 4 Trump

    Lawd Anderson is slimmy

  • Bruce Wayne

    Conways Bitch,Basement dweller News

  • Rebecca Gee

    CNN is a joke!!!

  • gregory alan elliott

    Anderson Cooper is #FakeNews

  • Great Gabbert

    When he isn’t packing shit in his boyfriend’s asshole he’s shoving down our throats.

  • Nikki

    Ever notice how Kellyanne always seems like she’s got a pretty good buzz on? Can’t say I blame her

  • Penny Rae
  • massagrabber

    she asked a serious question about CCN & Anderson Cooper’s responsibility to resolve with the president elect while in Trump Tower if there was any legs to the information; she suggested there is a responsibility to protect the president from slander by the media, any media.
    She says they have a responsibility, which he denied having.
    That is how #fakenews exists; it exists in a bubble.
    JFK wasn’t shy about what the responsibility for his administration and those who report on it is.

  • Marv Cheryl

    You lie Cooper. It was even on Levin last night…it was so gross he would not even tell the contents, said find it yourself….remember he has millions who listen to his program. Busted asswipe!!

  • Alan Wood

    Now now.

  • Deplorable Sparkle Plenty

    Cooper is an absolute a$$clown. He never knows what the hell he’s talking about. He swore up and down that CNN NEVER did a segment of the Hildebeast defending a child rapist as the video is intertwined with clips from that very report. He’s also a CIA operative so I wouldn’t believe a word coming out of his lying mouth. Snarky, pompous little a$$clown. Might as well shut down CNN aka Clinton News Network as they offer nothing even close to truth or reality. Green screens, yellow journalism, propaganda and hoax pushers.

  • hsfred

    Yes, I was writing yesterday that through ALL of the other periods post-election that I have lived – which is many, I have never witnessed the continual attempts to crucify a President-Elect as they have been doing to Donald Trump. I have never seen so many accusations of what they have not been doing about some issue as they have been to Donald Trump when not even sworn into office!

    All of this continues to demonstrate – not how bad he is as a person or how bad he will be at running this country, but how threatened and afraid they are that he IS going to resurrect the old strong & prosperous America that they’ve been working steadily to dismantle in their intent for a NWO so they make use of the Liberally biased press and their gullible followers.

    Donald Trump has been verbally beaten up so much and so unfairly – he SHOULD be angry & he should reject most of the so-called News media out there. But hey, keep it up because I think just this type of thing adds to the driving force of Donald Trump to get things done!

  • Shirley Hill Roberts

    CNN is a fake news channel and that’s why they are losing viewers, they should be banned from all future media briefings because all they ever do is lie and make up fake news.

  • Wayne

    Why don’t they just say they messed up instead of more lying to try and cover up they went with a fake story

  • KD

    Pooper looks like he should an android from Westworld.

  • Cipher’s Solution

    Repeat the lie often enough, and it appears to become the truth…..

  • Case3ops

    I guess Anderson never saw this………

  • Traveler

    First the report is that Russia is helping Trump then the news is that Russia has been compiling dirt on Trump. Now are the Russians for or against Trump? One thing I have observed is that the Ruskies are consistent. They are not known for butterfly diplomacy. But the only consistent thing about the news reporting is that it is designed to hurt Trump.. Russian news is respectful of Trump. American news is hurtful of Trump. Seems the only loyal news outlets in America are the ones that do not get accreditation from the academics and the academics are filling the American universities with anti American, anti white, anti christian anti jew anti straight anti male propaganda in the form of social engineering.

    Just how the hell do you put a definition to this nation, What it stands for is what??? Twisted porn and green population reduction?

  • 1st para reads: “Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.” When you read it you can be sure that many people out there DEMS/Liberals will circulate it in mass and twitter and FB gets flooded with memes. CNN knew what they did and they rolled that dice. They didn’t go as far as Buzzfeed but its a sneaky way to SMEAR Trump.

  • Als2Cents

    Anderson Cooper is FlakeNews

  • Anthony Thompson