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VIDEO: John Kerry sticks his tongue out dozens of times during anti-Israel speech

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Somebody get John Kerry a glass of water!

During the Secretary of State’s browbeating Israel speech this morning, he stuck his tongue out, often bizarrely, dozens times during the roughly 73-minute address. – READ MORE

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  • C.Patton Morgan

    The “Snake” in person

  • Ralph Adamo

    It’s called the “forked-tongue syndrome.” When a speaker does this, he is unconsciously conveying his betrayal of someone or something, while at the same time lying to cover up his/her true intentions.

  • mrminn

    There’s GOT TO BE SOME REASON he’s doing that! That’s just crazy! Like a signal of some sort? Or his reptilian side can’t be controlled? How very creepy! WHO RUNS OUR COUNTRY?!?!

  • Boston John


  • John Deer

    It really does look strange to talk like that with the Tongue flicking out continuously. He SOLD his own Daughter to Islam for some or other favours from Iran. Strange happenings, for sure.!!! They will have to Face Pres.Trump and the Justice system.!!