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VIDEO IRONY: Outraged by Muslim Ban, Ariana Grande’s Anti-Trump Rant After Election Warned Her Fans of “Very Dark Years”

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Liberal irony. When you rant about a man proposing to tighten immigration to enhance national security and a Muslim ISIS-backed suicide bomber — in a country with no immigration controls — kills your fans and injures dozens more at your concert months later.

Ariana Grande. London. Liberal logic. Perfect together.

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  • Michael McDonald

    Same girl wished all her fans would die, and said she hated America and Americans.

  • Scott Hilton

    I think it’s absolutely disgraceful how the “so called “tolerant” liberals are acting so very intolerant simply because they did not het their way.

  • huntress

    Oh goody, another miley cyrus!! Anyone that supports this brat who says she hates America, can go to hell with her. Stupid sheep!

  • ajs1210

    Right after she picked up and licked a donut and put it back. Caught on camera in a bakery. Entitled brat.

  • Mike from Burnsville

    I understand Miley Cyrus has stopped doing drugs and alcohol. There may be hope for her.

  • rogleecam

    What do you expect from a sneaky, infantile donut licker. She is a puke!

  • Takiwa

    She hates America? She wasted no time getting back here as fast as she could.

    Didn’t even bother to go see some of her fans in the hospital did she…

  • harrydweeks

    Displaying the intelligence of a stump.

  • Ann Marie

    They may be able to sing and act but they can’t think, mentally challenged all of them who think that the ban was not right !!!

  • Ann Marie

    3 weeks is not long enough to say she is off drugs and alcohol give her a few more, will she ever admit, they say anything that comes up !!

  • RedPillPlease

    I’ve never heard of this airhead Ariana before. I consider that a good thing!

  • Katrina Belcher

    How terrible — that’s an insult to stumps everywhere!

  • 5ini5ter

    Beat me to it…

  • Bill

    Just another Punk kid who doesn’t care about the people that lost their lives at her concert and all the injured maybe if she was one of the people that got injured then she be talking about putting up the wall instead of putting down our president for trying to keep our country safe but it’s all about money with these people long as they get their money they don’t care whose life it cost even if it is American citizens. Thanks

  • Doug’n Mary Stanley

    Donut licker. LOL Almost sounds too funny to be as nasty as it is, maybe we should change it to pastry defiler.

  • 東方 甲乙