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VIDEO: Hilarious Clip of Leftists Who Said Trump Would Never Win

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Throughout the 2016 presidential election season, the liberal media declared countless times that there was literally no chance of GOP nominee Donald Trump ever becoming our nation’s next leader.

Whether through sneering condescendingly down their noses or openly laughing hysterically at the very idea, the self-assured media experts and pundits openly mocked the idea that Trump would even run or that he could win the Republican nomination, much less win the presidency.

Boy, were those experts and pundits proven wrong in a big way, and now their laughing dismissals of Trump are coming back to haunt them in a hilarious video chronicling just a few of the worst offenders who are now looking for a side dish to go with their helping of crow, according to The Daily Caller. – READ MORE

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  • kevin587107

    Love to see this vid during the swearing-in ceremony of President Trump & that too on a Titantron.

  • Angelo

    Trump Won, 306 electoral votes, 30 states, 2623 counties, VS Hillary 20 states, 487 counties, Sorry Liberals! LOL