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VIDEO: From Cool U.S. President & First Lady to Beach Hobos in Weeks: The Obamas’ Alarming Wardrobe Turns Heads

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Former President Barack Obama’s skate punk wardrobe has even his staunchest supporters shaking their heads in disbelief.

Why would we expect the Obama’s to represent the United States with class in retirement when they failed to do it during eight years in the White House. And the former First Lady? She is seen cruising around with Sir Richard Branson on his island dressed like a Tiki bar hostess in cutoff jeans on what is likely yet Another free junket.

Branson flew the couple to his private Moskito Island on his private jet. And just when you thought Michelle would have to pay for airfare.

What’s next for this fallen power couple, combing the beach for trinkets at 6 am with a metal detector?


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  • AFVet

    Please make them go away.

  • The Darker Side

    she has NO BIZ wearing those shorts. Wow

  • ILConservative

    Is there a better shot to show her (his) bulge?

  • Als2Cents

    Where’s a Tsunami when you need one.

  • Yankton

    She is dressed like a bum because the American Tax Payer is NO LONGER footing her clothing bill.