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VIDEO FLASHBACK from Hours Ago: Canada’s Trudeau Slams USA for Banning Muslims, Says Canada Welcomes All Refugees

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Snarky Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke too soon.

Hours after slamming the United States for mandating a temporary ban on immigrants from select problematic terror-known locales, Trudeau pounced on the chance to trumpet how great Canada is compared to the United States.

But then the Quebec City massacre happened. Literally hours later. This is not a coincidence, though Trudeau will tell folks it is. What was that you were trumpeting about how progressive you and Canada are, Mr. Prime Minister?

A national tragedy coupled with a predictable political disaster.

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  • Alan

    Trudeau is a Canadian embarrassment.

  • patriotgame

    Ouch. That was quick. The libs never ever learn.

  • CharlieWalksonWater

    Canadas white obama

  • Trudeau is an all of humanity embarrassment.*

  • Aqualyra

    That mosque was targetted in the past by racists, who left a pig’s head on their doorstep during Ramadan. Witnesses heard the attackers speak with Quebecois French accents. You don’t pick up one of those accents in a matter of a few years. Quebec french is very distinct. Neither the Surete du Quebec nor the RCMP have announced anything about the 2 suspects in custody. You’re not cops. You’re not in Canada. Up here in Canada we have a shooting like this maybe once every 2 to 5 years. But you don’t know anything about Canada or you would have known that. Yet every day in the US there is another shooting somewhere by Americans aiming guns at each other. You have Dylann Roof shooting up elderly black parishioners in a church. Immigrants are not the same thing as refugees. Our refugees have all been vetted by Interpol and our RCMP and the UNHCR.. Don’t give up your day jobs trying to profile anybody. You’d be fired.

  • Trudeau is just about the doofiest lady I’ve ever seen.

  • patriotgame
  • patriotgame

    Ouch. You Were Saying? Confirmed at least one Middle East suspect.

  • emaleroland

    That was a hoax report by a fake Reuters account on Twitter. You fell for it like the Daily Beast did.

  • Kitty Giannelli

    Canada has how many people-oh yeah, the size of California- Peddle your shit elsewhere-your country is falling apart

  • cornhusk

    I am up in Canada, and looky look look, La Presse has reported that one terrorist is Morrocan (a 99% moslem majority country) and one shoulted Allah Akbar. Bashir al-Taweed and Hassan Matti are floating around as the suspects names, but there’s no reliable source for that.

    Did they ever find who left the pig’s head? Moslems are well known for faking hate crimes to try and advance their victimhood narrative.

    It’s been reported in some circles that the shooters were Syrians who arrived in Canada in the last week. If that turns out to be correct, then this incident is 100% on Justin Trudeau’s head. The only thing he’ll feel bad about is the fact that the shooters, and victims, were members of his pet group. Those people should have been able to go to a mosque and be able to do their thing peacefully, not wind up as cannon fodder in zoolander’s social engineering project.

  • Sharon Dye

    It was a Muslim attack on Muslim.