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VIDEO: Embattled Susan Rice Emerges From Siberia To Say Trump is Picking On Her Because She’s … (You Know The Rest)

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Susan Rice is being picked on because because President Donald Trump is a bully.

And because she’s an African American. And a woman. And being bullied … Again.

Not because she may have committed a string of felonies during her tenure as national security adviser.


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  • democrat CockRoach

    I refuse to watch the hag but I already know what her DUMB “excuse” is.

    1) she’s a woman
    2) she’s not wearing her burka
    3) she’s black
    4) she’s affirmative action and has more UN-AMERICAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws to protect her than us

    ON AND ON AND ON she needs to be HUNG.

  • lisa solis

    So Sick of nothing being done about all the illegal activities in the obummer admin, Jeff Sessions needs to do his job and start asking the them a lot of questions, or does he have to recuse himself from everything? if so get someone else who can.

  • Elsie

    She is complaining about being picked on when she picked on thousands of US citizens by spying on their emails and phone calls? What a loser.

  • Glen Mirenda

    You would think she would be a bit more creative, and lose the black thing….

  • Sarabella

    WOW How out of touch are these criminals? or more specific > How Stupid do they think you are? are alternatively how desperate must she be to use a Leon Trotsky created Meme > Hang her High Boys