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VIDEO: Donald Trump Booed, Jeered, Mocked by Fellow GOP Conservative Voters at CPAC

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All the Donald Trump zeroes from CPAC yesteryear are now Trump heroes. Everybody loves a winner. Especially a presidential winner, even if you had absolutely nothing to do with getting him elected and everything to do with trying to stop him from even being on the ballot.

Let’s flashback to CPAC not even a year ago. The 2016 CPAC crowd lambasted Trump and likely didn’t support him in their state primary races either. If we all listened to the wisdom of CPAC voters, Hillary Clinton would be president today.

But hey. That was so yesterday. They love Trump now. Really, they do.

Really. Until they don’t. Which could be at any moment. Fair weather people and voters and the conferences that showcase them are like that.

This mob is fickle.

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  • barbaragol

    CPAC has been hijacked by the mainstream. It used to represent REAL conservatives like Ron Paul. The crowd was small and not the same. They are not going to let American values have a voice and take over all venues including alternative internet sites. Stand united….

  • Marie

    Strange article. I watched his speech. He received a standing ovation upon entering. The boos and jeers were reactions to points within his speech such as “Fake news” and Hillary Clinton. With anything these days one must go to the original source to interpret for oneself. There is an old saying “Believe only 25% of what you read.” When one relies only on the internet or second hand articles and second hand TV “reports”, you do not receive the whole story. but a skewed account.

  • Nodek

    I just finished watching President speech and I couldn’t believe the misleading of this headlines either. It seems that we have less and less sites that we can trust reporting just the truth.unbelievable!

  • R.A. McClain

    Agree about the headline, definitely click bait. Should have said CPAC 2016. Anything for a hit.

  • ziggrl

    He skipped 2016.

  • OkeyDoke

    This article is referring to the boos and jeers from last year’s CPAC, not this year’s. He didn’t attend last year when all of his enemies berated, booed and jeered him throughout the whole thing during his absence. All his enemies from last year were there this week and gave him the applause and standing ovation, all the GOPe elites. See, now they love love love him. Now that he’s a winner they now act like they supported him all along. The truth is they did everything they could to bring him down.

  • Jorge Barreiro

    YES, EVERYBODY LOVES THE WINNERS, AND DONALD IS A BIG ONE, nothing less than the 45th President of the United States.
    Against all odds, against the World, but with a character, a self confidence, a patriotism and the determination that he knows how to to the job the country needs today!
    It will take months, maybe a few years, but a man that masters the art of the deal, will do the job. He will turn things around and finally will make people understand that we need to keep our country, a Nation of Laws and Order!
    That’s the reason I chose the USA as my home, because it was the reign of the Law and Order, but then, because the weakness of our Republican Party, came Obama, with his Islamic background, spreading weird and toxic Executive Orders, benefiting the Muslims and their totalitarian way of life. We are guilty of ignoring the thru meaning of that so called religion. We should have learned in detail what the content of the Koran is.
    How much hatred and totalitarian ideas are spread in that book, that’s been around for 1400 years, spreading hate, rape, abuse of women, killing LGBT people and spreading their demoniac ideas.
    If you look at the Koran in detail, you’ll find that the main goal is to destroy our Constitution, Democracy, and free will.
    Go ahead, give it a try. Read the Koran and find out ou bad they treat the Women, the Gay people and the non-believers in their crazy ideas.
    Try to understand why, those women that spent their lives fighting for freedom, human rights, voting rights and other rights, now are rallying for the Islam. Unbelievable but sadly truth. Find out how the Liberals and Leftists are washing their brains, just to spread the hate for our President, just because he wants us to go back to the Law and Order. To stop the Muslims from over-populating our country with their women continuously pregnant. See how they poison our youth with leftist philosophy, after those ideas have collapsed around the World.
    But that’s what they want. THEY WANT US TO FALL, TO FAIL, TO COLLAPSE!!!
    But we got news for you guys. There’s a new Sheriff in Town. A brand new President that will fight for us and win as he is used to do!

  • Mac mcintire

    I agree with Marie. Boos were for fake news, democrats. Not trump, another nothing story. CPAC doesn’t mean shit. Mainstream elitist. Career political people.