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VIDEO: Crooked DNC Chair Brazile Flips Her Wig; Accuses President Trump of Hacking DNC Emails, Voter Intimidation

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Strong words today from DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile, who has been in hiding since she was busted twice feeding questions to Hillary Clinton before the 2016 presidential debates.

But Spring is in the air, prompting even the lowest of Democratic reptilians from crawling out from their Winter safe spaces. Brazile wasted no time picking a fight with the Trump administration, all caught on camera during an epic meltdown that was absent any merit whatsoever.

But why let reality and facts get in the way of a good rant?

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  • Patriot76

    Democrats…a vile group of people.

  • beniyyar

    The party of tyranny the Democrats 2017!

  • Amanda Ochoa

    The Left certainly does not hold it’s self to the same ethical and moral standards that the Right does. If you lower your values simply because they do, then you become one of THEM. I’m talking to you MILO and to you MILO APOLOGISTS.

  • patriotor

    By now the only ones that do not know the Democrat Party IS the Democrat Communist Party are their useful idiot voters.

  • Glen Mirenda

    She as all demoncrats do, LIE! why? because they are the seed of Satan the father of lies….

  • Don’t Drink the Cool Aid

    The DEM are putting the noose around their own necks and kicking the chair our from under themselves.

  • Joseph Chiara

    The fact and truth are irrelevant to Brazile unless they support her world view. Otherwise, lies are what she deals in. She is dumb and incompetent, ask Gore, and has also become as sleazy as the top sleazes.

  • Daniel Overton

    Oh please do it. Issa is taking heat for saying he wants one too. Trump will destroy the democrats with the “investigation.”

  • Lyn Portello

    Hillary said Donna the Liar is a “Brain Dead Buffalo”. things still haven’t changed!!!

  • Carmena Hilliard

    She’s crazy.

  • Brenton Siddons

    an ugly deceitful liar liar

  • HotHunt

    Boy, when the veil is lifted off these democRATS’ public personas and rhetoric and their true natures are revealed, it’s ugly. Brazile Nut has a lot of gall to accuse Trump of manipulating the election with the Ruskies when the DNC was cooking the books against Bernie, in favor of HilLIARy, in the primaries. And giving questions to HilLIARy campaign to prep for the debate. There’s a lot of the pot calling the kettle black here. My indignation at her allegations is yawn-producing.

  • Bill the Cat

    LOL… Donna Brazile has had a LONG and storied career being a dumb, self-serving, leftist tool.

    She’s lucky Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson make her seem less loony, by comparison.

  • ILConservative

    She is from Chicago. What do you expect?

  • Mary Fitzgerald

    I am sorry I got caught giving Hillary questions…I am a good Christian woman…

  • lechevre

    This fat assed Hillary crotch cannibal should be in jail.

  • lechevre

    Suppose to be a God fearing Christian. More lies from this fat assed Hillary rump swab.