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VIDEO: Comey Hopes ‘Inside the FBI’ TV Series Will Restore Americans’ Faith in Bureau

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FBI Director James Comey hopes an upcoming documentary television series about the agency will help Americans get to know its inner workings and restore “faith and confidence” in the institution.

Speaking during a screening of the new series Inside the FBI: New York at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Comey said Americans had become “confused” by the bureau’s actions over the past year, particularly during the 2016 presidential election. – READ MORE

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  • Alti

    Comey leaving is the only thing that will restore my faith in the FBI.

  • Scientific Squirrel

    When you lie to the uninformed public about the law, you deserve to be discredited.

    How do you derive mens rea intent from a statute that does not even require it, or mention it.

    Basically, you lied to the uneducated, you created this problem for yourself, and no PR show is going to rectify it for you.

    What should happen? Full and Frank disclosure about it, why you actually did this, and YOUR resignation on the POTUS desk, coupled with the acknowledgement, and names of ALL democrats who KNEW she broke the law, and were active in her run for office.

    That is the ONLY way the FBI restores even a shread of integrity at this point.

    For the good of the Entire Bureau, that is EXACTLY what must happen here.

  • MatFan

    Hopefully a television show will restore faith in the FBI? How about the FBI restore faith in the FBI…